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 Introduction to Beijing Trains: At present, trains from the five railway stations of the city connect it with all the cities and towns throughout China closely. Of them, trains from Beijing West Railway Station can take passengers to all of the provincial capitals of China except for Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and Taipei; those operated by Beijing Railway Station are bound for the cities under and around the city, Shenyang, Changchuan, Harbin and international cities, including Ulan Bator, Pyongyang and Moscow;  the high-speed, bullet and express trains operated by the South Railway Station are bound to the top tourist and economic cities of China, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Qinhuangdao; trains from the North Railway Station mainly head for the cities in northern China, such as Qiqihar, Hohhot and Manchuria as well as Badaling Great Wall; those from the East Railway Station reach Chengde, Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao Datong and Ulanhot.

 Beijing Train Schedules/Tickets: 

 Domestic Trains to Other Major Chinese Cities:

No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
C Trains Beijing South Tianjin --- --- Around 30M
G Trains Beijing South Shanghai Hongqiao --- --- Around 5H
G Trains Beijing South Hangzhou --- --- Around 6H
G Trains Beijing South Nanjing --- --- Around 4H
D315 Beijing South Shanghai Hongqiao 08:22 17:16 8H 54M
D317 Beijing South Shanghai Hongqiao 09:38 18:27 8H 49M
D319 Beijing South Shanghai Hongqiao 11:53 20:44 8H 51M
D311 Beijing Shanghai 20:52 08:40 11H 48M
D313 Beijing South Shanghai 21:11 08:52 11H 41M
T109 Beijing Shanghai 19:28 10:25 14H 57M
Q97 Beijing West Kowloon(Hong Kong) 13:08 12:56 23H 48M
T27 Beijing West Lhasa 20:09 16:00 1D 19H 51M
T41 Beijing West Xian 15:52 05:37 13H 45M
T231 Beijing West Xian 16:59 06:47 13H 48M
Z19 Beijing West Xian 19:57 07:58 12H 1M
Z53 Beijing West Xian 20:03 08:12 12H 9M
T43 Beijing West Xian 20:30 09:00 12H 30M
T15 Beijing West Guangzhou 11:00 07:32 20H 32M
T97 Beijing West Guangzhou East 13:08 10:10 21H 2M
T61 Beijing West Kunming 16:37 06:46 1D 14H 9M
K471 Beijing West Kunming 19:31 16:21 1D 20H 50M
D2001 Beijing West Taiyuan 07:21 11:10 3H 49M
D2003 Beijing West Taiyuan 08:10 11:55 3H 45M
D2005 Beijing West Taiyuan 08:54 12:46 3H 52M
D2007 Beijing West Taiyuan 12:03 15:47 3H 44M
D2009 Beijing West Taiyuan 12:52 16:37 3H 45M
D2011 Beijing West Taiyuan 15:31 19:22 3H 51M
D2013 Beijing West Taiyuan 16:20 20:00 3H 40M
D2015 Beijing West Taiyuan 17:58 21:51 3H 53M
K601 Beijing Taiyuan 22:20 07:58 9H 38M
D25 Beijing Harbin 07:13 16:20 9H 7M
D101 Beijing Harbin 13:51 23:17 9H 26M
D27 Beijing Harbin 14:18 23:24 9H 6M
Z1 Beijing Harbin 21:14 07:10 9H 56M
Z15 Beijing Harbin 21:20 07:04 9H 44M
D5 Beijing Shenyang North 07:05 11:55 4H 50M
D17 Beijing Shenyang North 09:15 14:13 4H 58M
D19 Beijing Shenyang North 10:02 14:59 4H 57M
D15 Beijing Shenyang North 12:40 17:25 4H 45M
D9 Beijing Shenyang North 13:21 18:22 5H 1M
D11 Beijing Shenyang North 14:50 19:44 4H 54M
D7 Beijing Shenyang North 17:47 22:44 4H 57M
D1 Beijing Shenyang North 18:10 23:05 4H 55M
D3 Beijing Shenyang North 18:20 23:16 4H 56M
D13 Beijing Shenyang 18:52 23:52 5H
K53 Beijing Shenyang North 22:25 07:25 9H
D21 Beijing Changchun 07:00 14:12 7H 12M
Z161 Beijing Changchun 08:48 16:56 8H 8M
D23 Beijing Changchun 15:33 22:41 7H 8M
T59 Beijing Changchun 20:52 06:10 9H 18M
Z61 Beijing Changchun 22:40 06:30 7H 50M
D331 Beijing South Qingdao 07:10 12:22 5H 12M
G191 Beijing South Qingdao 07:45 12:06 4H 21M
D333 Beijing South Qingdao 08:53 14:08 5H 15M
D335 Beijing South Qingdao 10:21 15:44 5H 23M
D337 Beijing South Qingdao 11:25 16:51 5H 26M
G193 Beijing South Qingdao 13:45 18:05 4H 20M
D339 Beijing South Qingdao 14:29 19:49 5H 20M
G195 Beijing South Qingdao 15:48 20:09 4H 21M
D341 Beijing South Qingdao 17:15 22:37 5H 22M
T61 Beijing West Kunming 16:37 06:46 1D 14H 9M
K471 Beijing West Kunming 19:31 16:21 1D 20H 50M
K89 Beijing West Hohhot 22:15 07:10 8H 51M
K1115/K1118 Beijing West Baotou 13:11 07:58 18H 47M
K263 Beijing Baotou 19:50 07:16 11H 22M
K1179 Beijing West Zhengzhou 07:26 16:12 8H 46M
D131 Beijing West Zhengzhou 10:02 15:38 5H 36M
D133 Beijing West Zhengzhou 14:21 20:01 5H 40M
D135 Beijing West Zhengzhou 17:21 22:57 5H 36M
K179 Beijing West Zhengzhou 22:38 07:06 8H 28M
D121 Beijing West Wuhan (Hankou) 08:40 18:52 10H 12M
D125 Beijing West Wuhan (Hankou) 09:53 19:59 10H 6M
Z3 Beijing West Wuhan (Hankou) 20:54 06:34 9H 40M
Z77 Beijing West Wuhan (Hankou) 21:12 07:08 9H 56M
Z37 Beijing West Wuhan (Wuchang) 21:00 06:55 9H 55m
Z11 Beijing West Wuhan (Wuchang) 21:06 07:01 9H 55M

 International Trains to Other World Destinations:

No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Service Time
K3/K4 Beijing Moscow 07:45 14:19 2D 6H 34M Wednesday
K19/K20 Beijing Moscow 22:56 23:58 7D 1H 2M Saturday
K23 Beijing Ulan Bator 07:45 13:15 1D 5H 30M Monday & Thuesday
K27 Beijing Pyongyang 17:30 19:30 1D 2H Mongday, Wednesday,
Thursday & Saturday

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