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 Tips: You can search the exact timetable of Xian Trains through the above tool, and then book the ticket online at our China Train Ticket Booking Center

 Introduction: nearly 400 trains leave from or arrive at the three railway stations in Xian everyday. Over 40 high-speed trains to Zhengzhou and Luoyang (Longmen) are operated by the North Railway Station; the CRH trains between Xian and Baoji and other trains to/from more Chinese destinations, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Guilin, Nanning, Wuhan, Kunming, Nanjing, Xiamen, Guiyang, Lhasa, Hohhot, and Urumqi are operated in Xian Railway Station; only Trains No. 4908/4909/4916/4917 between Ankang and Xianyang, Trains No. K689/K690 between Taiyang and Chongqing North, and Train No. K1032/K1033/K1035 from Xian to Guiyang pass the South Railway Station.

 Xian Trains Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial trains to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
D1002 Xian North Zhengzhou 08:15 11:05 2H 50M
D1006 Xian North Zhengzhou 10:30 13:15 2H 45M
D1012 Xian North Zhengzhou 12:45 15:32 2H 47M
D1014 Xian North Zhengzhou 16:20 19:02 2H 42M
D1016 Xian North Zhengzhou 19:20 22:08 2H 48M
G2002 Xian North Zhengzhou 07:05 09:10 2H 5M
G2004 Xian North Zhengzhou 09:10 11:15 2H 5M
G2006 Xian North Zhengzhou 12:05 14:12 2H 7M
G2008 Xian North Zhengzhou 14:30 16:35 2H 5M
G2012 Xian North Zhengzhou 15:25 17:23 1H 58M
G2016 Xian North Zhengzhou 17:10 19:15 2H 5M
G2020 Xian North Zhengzhou 18:15 20:25 2H 10M
D1022 Xian North Luoyang Longmen 08:40 10:55 2H 15M
D1024 Xian North Luoyang Longmen 13:50 15:50 2H
D5081 Xian Baoji 07:30 08:58 1H 28M
D5087 Xian Baoji 18:00 19:28 1H 28M
T42 Xian Beijing West 18:18 09:10 14H 52M
T232 Xian Beijing West 18:30 06:28 11H 58M
T44 Xian Beijing West 19:00 08:12 13H 12M
Z54 Xian Beijing West 19:21 08:24 13H 3M
Z20 Xian Beijing West 19:30 08:18 12H 48M
Z94/Z91 Xian Shanghai 17:12 07:21 14H 9M
T140/T137 Xian Shanghai 19:45 11:40 15H 55M
K84/K81 Xian Guangzhou 08:32 10:54 1D 2H 22M
K646/K647 Xian Guangzhou 17:00 20:20 1D 3H 20M
1152/1153 Xian Hangzhou 13:26 11:57 22H 31M
K5 Xian Chengdu 13:20 05:18 15H 58M
K879 Xian Chengdu 19:45 11:40 15H 55M
K912/K913 Xian Qingdao 12:13 11:10 22H 57M
K318/K315 Xian Nanning 18:52 22:49 1D 3H 57M
K165 Xian Kunming 22:18 09:52 1D 11H 34M
K242/K243 Xian Xiamen 19:36 05:56 1D 10H 20M
K1032/K1033/K0135 Xian Guiyang 18:46 18:54 1D 8M
K1002/K1003 Xian Chongqing North 20:17 08:55 12H 38M
2672 Xian Datong 22:48 08;49 10H 18M
K1674 Xian Hohhot 15:25 06:58 15H 33M
K546/K547 Xian Qiqihaer 11:50 22:38 1D 10H 48M
K126/K127 Xian Changchun 21:30 02:20 1D 4H 50M
K626/K627 Xian Yichang East 08:50 23:45 14H 55M
K8162 Xian Yanan 08:56 12:28 3H 32M
K591 Xian Dunhuang 10:56 09:30 22H 34M
K214 Xian Tianjin 11:57 06:26 18H 29M
K1132/K1129 Xian Yantai 13:12 13:11 23H 59M
K468/K465 Xian Ningbo East 16:30 17:04 1D 34M
K792/K789 Xian Nanchang 16:45 12:24 19H 39M
1218/1215 Xian Fuzhou 17:26 23:36 1D 6H 10M
K1085/K1088 Xian Yinchuan 17:38 08:18 14H 40M
1162 Xian Jinan 17:40 10:21 16H 41M
K1009 Xian Xining West 20:13 07:38 11H 25M
K60/K61 Xian Yangzhou 21:21 15:55 18H 34M
K119 Xian Lanzhou 22:26 06:42 8H 16M
K448/K445 Xian Shenzhen 22:57 04:50 1D 5H 53M
K1676 Xian Baotou 23:20 13:37 14H 17M

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