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 Introduction: Taking a train from Harbin Railway Station or East Railway Station, passengers can get to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Jinan, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou and all of the towns and cities in Heilongjiang Province. According to the long-term plan of Harbin’s railway transport, it will only take around 1 hour from Harbin to the surrounding cities like Daqing, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi and Changchun, around 2 hours to Shenyang, and 3.5 hours to Dalian by high-speed trains. In future, passengers can take a train from Harbin to most of the cities throughout China within one day.

 Harbin Train Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial trains  to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
D28 Harbin Beijing 08:50 17:53 9H 3M
D102 Harbin Beijing 09:05 18:31 9H 26M
D26 Harbin Beijing 13:43 22:52 9H 9M
T18 Harbin Beijing 21:07 08:31 11H 24M
Z16 Harbin Beijing 21:34 07:20 9H 46M
Z2 Harbin Beijing 21:41 07:26 9H 45M
K58/K55 Harbin Shanghai 09:32 17:16 1D 7H 44M
T238/T235 Harbin Guangzhou East 19:09 08:40 1D 13H 31M
D174 Harbin Shenyang North 13:35 17:55 4H 20M
D178 Harbin Tianjin 08:57 18:20 9H 23M
1522 Harbin Tianjin 21:51 13:17 15H 26M
T184/T181 Harbin Wuhan (Hankou) 08:38 21:28 12H 50M
1526/1523 Harbin Shijiazhuang 10:11 01:44 15H 33M
K704/K701 Harbin Qingdao 13:00 05:22 16H 22M
K976/K973 Harbin Wuhan (Wuchang) 14:38


16H 54M
K554/K551 Harbin Wenzhou 14:47 06:14 15H 27M
K1062/K1063 Harbin Chongqing North 14:58 08:22 17H 24M
K1124/K1121 Harbin Nanchang 17:35 10:35 17H
1418/1415 Harbin Jinan 17:45 11:10 17H 25M
T244/T241 Harbin Hefei 19:16 07:10 11H 54M
K928/K925 Harbin Zhengzhou 19:26 10:57 15H 31M
K7005 Harbin East Jiamusi 07:00 13:12 6H 12M
K7007 Harbin Jiamusi 14:15 20:30 6H 15M
K7203 Harbin East Jiamusi 22:20 05:35 7H 15M
K7059/K7057 Harbin East Manzhouli 17:48 08:31 14H 43M
K7091 Harbin East Manzhouli 21:15 10:04 12H 49M
2706/2703 Harbin East Dandong 06:15 19:48 13H 33M
K7047 Harbin Yabuli South 07:44 10:43 2H 59M
K7001 Harbin East Mudanjiang 08:10 13:00 4H 50M
K7053 Harbin Mudanjiang 08:28 14:08 5H 40M
4031 Harbin East Heihe 07:00 20:00 13H
K7035 Harbin East Heihe 18:45 06:20 11H 35M
K7033 Harbin East Heihe 20:57 07:39 10H 42M

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