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 Introduction: Passenger trains are mainly operated by Nanjing Railway Station, West Railway Station and South Railway Station. Almost all of the bullet trains from Nanjing to Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao, Xuzhou and Zhengzhou are from the South Railway Station. Most high-speed trains of Shanghai-Nanjing and Nanjing-Hangzhou are run by Nanjing Railway Station. Everyday, a total of 24 trains depart from the West Railway Station to Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen and Lanzhou.

 Nanjing Trains Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial trains to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above to get the ticket fares through the train No.!

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G Trains Nanjing Shanghai Hongqiao --- --- Around 2 H
D5401 Nanjing Shanghai Hongqiao 05:50 09:02 3H 12M
G7041 Nanjing Shanghai 06:00 07:42 1H 42M
G7043 Nanjing Shanghai 06:20 08:17 1H 57M
G7123 Nanjing South Shanghai Hongqiao 06:23 08:28 2H 5M
G7045 Nanjing South Shanghai 06:43 08:48 2H 5M
G7001 Nanjing Shanghai 07:00 08:39 1H 39M
G7047 Nanjing Shanghai 07:36 09:33 1H 57M
G7003 Nanjing Shanghai 08:00 09:28 1H 28M
G7049 Nanjing Shanghai 08:36 10:38 2H 2M
G7051 Nanjing Shanghai 08:53 10:53 2H
G7005 Nanjing Shanghai 09:00 10:19 1H 19M
G7053 Nanjing Shanghai 09:44 11:44 2H
G7007 Nanjing Shanghai 10:00 11:39 1H 39M
G7055 Nanjing Shanghai 10:22 12:20 1H 58M
G7057 Nanjing Shanghai 10:33 12:31 1H 58M
G7009 Nanjing Shanghai 11:00 12:39 1H 39M
G7059 Nanjing Shanghai 11:21 13:20 1H 59M
G7011 Nanjing Shanghai 12:00 13:38 1H 38M
G7061 Nanjing Shanghai 12:15 14:13 1H 58M
G7013 Nanjing Shanghai 13:00 14:38 1H 38M
G7063 Nanjing Shanghai 13:18 15:13 1H 55M
G7015 Nanjing Shanghai 14:00 15:36 1H 36M
G7065 Nanjing Shanghai 14:10 16:10 2H
G7067 Nanjing Shanghai 14:36 16:32 1H 56M
G7017 Nanjing Shanghai 15:00 16:19 1H 19M
G7069 Nanjing Shanghai 15:21 17:19 1H 58M
G7071 Nanjing Shanghai 15:49 17:50 2H 1M
G7019 Nanjing Shanghai 16:00 17:27 1H 27M
G7073 Nanjing Shanghai 16:31 18:33 2H 2M
G7075 Nanjing Shanghai 17:21 19:20 1H 59M
G7021 Nanjing Shanghai 18:00 19:26 1H 26M
G7077 Nanjing Shanghai 18:21 20:23 2H 2M
G7079 Nanjing Shanghai 18:33 20:31 1H 58M
G7081 Nanjing Shanghai 19:08 21:03 1H 55M
G7083 Nanjing Shanghai 19:48 21:53 2H 5M
G7023 Nanjing Shanghai 20:00 21:39 1H 39M
G7025 Nanjing Shanghai 21:00 22:39 1H 39M
G7085 Nanjing Shanghai 21:18 23:15 1H 57M
G7087 Nanjing Shanghai 21:32 23:23 1H 51M
G7381 Nanjing Hangzhou 07:49 10:43 2H 54M
G7383 Nanjing Hangzhou 11:43 14:54 3H 11M
G7385 Nanjing Hangzhou 13:38 16:54 3H 16M
G7387 Nanjing Hangzhou 15:13 18:07 2H 54M
G7389 Nanjing Hangzhou 19:27 22:21 2H 54M
G202 Nanjing South Beijing South 06:52 11:21 4H 29M
D356 Nanjing South Beijing South 07:05 13:55 6H 50M
D350 Nanjing Beijing South 22:50 07:58 9H 8M
T66 Nanjing Beijing 22:57 09:49 10H 52M
K527 Nanjing West Guangzhou 15:00 18:10 1D 3H 10M
K722/K723 Nanjing West Chengdu 08:16 13:01 1D 4H 45M
K676/K677 Nanjing West Chengdu 14:07 18:58 1D 4H 51M
K155 Nanjing West Kunming 16:28 08:08 1D 15H 40M
K161 Nanjing West Xiamen 22:37 05:01 1D 6H 24M
7101 Nanjing Huangshan 05:32 14:30 8H 58M
K505 Nanjing Nanchang 20:00 06:38 10H 38M
K1191 Nanjing Nanning 21:57 06:16 8H 19M

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