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 Introduction to Guangzhou Trains: though located in the south most of mainland China, Guangzhou is one of the most importation railway transportation hubs in China. Four railway stations, Guangzhou Railway Station, South Railway Station, East Railway Station, and North Railway Station, operate trains from/to all over the country everyday. As the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed trains were put into use, the travel time between the city and Wuhan is shortened to 3 hours. The CRH trains to Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Zhuhai make an intercity trip in the Pearl River Delta area much more convenient. There are also direct trains from the East Railway Station to Kowloon Railway Station in Hong Kong.

 Train Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial trains to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations.

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G Trains Guangzhou South Wuhan --- --- Around 4H
G Trains Guangzhou South Changsha South --- --- Around 2.5H
D Trains Guangzhou South Zhuhai North --- --- Around 1H
D Trains Guangzhou Shenzhen --- --- Around 1.5 H
D Trains Guangzhou East Shenzhen --- --- Around 1H
D2102 Guangzhou South Wuhan 08:12 14:18 6H 6M
D2104 Guangzhou South Wuhan 14:40 20:43 6H 3M
D7802 Guangzhou South Changsha South 08:33 12:24 3H 51M
D7804 Guangzhou South Changsha South 10:42 14:32 3H 50M
D7806 Guangzhou South Changsha South 13:47 17:45 3H 58M
D7808 Guangzhou South Changsha South 16:55 20:52 3H 57M
D7810 Guangzhou South Changsha South 19:10 22:55 3H 54M
T14/T11 Guangzhou East Beijing West 16:24 14:12 21H 48M
T98A Guangzhou East Beijing West 18:05 14:51 20H 46M
T16 Guangzhou Beijing West 16:48 13:25 20H 37M
T170 Guangzhou Shanghai South 13:58 19:09 19H 21M
T100A Guangzhou East Shanghai South 18:11 10:08 15H 57M
K648/K645 Guangzhou Xian 10:58 14:00 1D 3H 2M
K82/K83 Guangzhou Xian 14:30 15:55 1D 1H 25M
K202/K203 Guangzhou Chongqing North 15:47 14:10 22H 23M
K356/K357 Guangzhou Chongqing North 10:46 15:10 1D 4H 24M
K837/K836 Guangzhou Chongqing North 12:30 19:16 1D 6H 46M
K776/K777 Guangzhou Chongqing North 16:56 15:00 22H 4M
K811/K814 Guangzhou Chongqing 20:22 05:17 1D 8H 55M
K192/K193 Guangzhou Chengdu 09:04 15:58 1D 6H 54M
K827/K830 Guangzhou Chengdu East 19:22 11:10 1D 15H 48M
K1224/K1221 Guangzhou East Chengdu 17:49 10:29 1D 16H 40M
K365/K364 Guangzhou Kunming 14:02 14:49 1D 0H 47M
K483/K482 Guangzhou Kunming 21:08 22:46 1D 1H 38M
K528 Guangzhou Nanjing West 08:02 08:10 1D 0H 8M
K64/K65 Guangzhou Guiyang 15:31 11:57 20H 26M
T124/T121 Guangzhou Changchun 19:04 07:04 1D 12H
T14/T11 Guangzhou East Shenyang North 16:24 21:47 1D 5H 23M
T236/T237 Guangzhou East Harbin 18:17 07:43 1D 13 26M
K260 Guangzhou East Zhengzhou 16:30 13:14 20H 44M
T256 Guangzhou Zhengzhou 16:09 08:39 16H 30M
K756/K757 Guangzhou Luoyang 19:10 19:10 24H
T801 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 08:19 10:12 1H 53M
T807 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 09:03 10:56 1H 53M
T813 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 09:50 11:43 1H 53M
T823 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 10:39 12:29 1H 50M
T817 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 12:12 14:07 1H 55M
T809 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 13:52 15:46 1H 54M
T825 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 15:31 17:21 1H 50M
T815 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 16:12 18:05 1H 53M
T803 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 16:56 18:49 1H 53M
T819 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 18:15 20:08 1H 53M
T827 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 20:15 22:05 1H 50M
T811 Guangzhou East Kowloon (Hong Kong) 21:32 23:25 1H 53M
T254 Guangzhou Tianjin 15:58 20:08 1D 2H 10M
T90 Guangzhou Shijiazhuang 18:54 15:15 20H 30M
K1017/K1020 Guangzhou East Nanchang 15:38 05:02 13H 24M
T172 Guangzhou East Nanchang 19:29 06:58 11H 29M
T161/T160 Guangzhou East Qingdao 15:21 20:28 1D 5H 7M
T180 Guangzhou Jinan 21:23 19:09 21H 46M
T38/T35 Guangzhou Urumqi 23:53 06:06 2D 6H 13M
T264/T265 Guangzhou Lhasa 12:19 18:30 2D 6H 11M
K407 Guangzhou Sanya 21:20 12:39 15H 19M
D7814 Guangzhou South Shaoguan 07:06 08:20 1H 14M
D7816 Guangzhou South Chenzhou West 10:10 12:04 1H 56M
D7818 Guangzhou South Chenzhou West 15:18 17:18 2H
D7820 Guangzhou South Hengyang East 09:10 12:12 3H 2M
D7822 Guangzhou South Hengyang East 16:06 18:47 2H 21M
K238/K239 Guangzhou East Taiyuan 20:05 06:41 1D 10H 36M
1232/1233 Guangzhou East Nanning 19:40 09:00 13H 20M
2571/2574 Guangzhou Nanning 16:52 06:35 13H 43M
K297/K300 Guangzhou East Xiamen 20:30 10:31 14H 1M

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