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Beijing Attractions

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  • Tiananmen Tower
    Tiananmen Tower
  • Beijing Great Wall Tourist Map
    Beijing Great Wall Tourist Map
  • Temple of Heaven
    Temple of Heaven
  • Forbidden City
    Forbidden City
  • Bird's Nest
    Bird's Nest
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 Top Attractions 

Forbidden City
The mysterious imperial palace complex is one of the most appealing attractions in the city.

Tiananmen Square & Tiananmen Tower
Used to be the front door of the Forbidden City and now the landmark of the city.

  • Temple of Heaven
    The ancient landmark of the city and is famous for its Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.
    Summer Palace
    The well-preserved luxurious royal garden is a very popular tourist site in summer.
    Ming Tombs
    The mausoleums of thirteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty; a must for its integrated architecture.
  • Old Beijing Hutongs
    Typical lanes or small streets that originated in the Yuan Dynasty; displaying resident culture
    Beihai Park
    Another imperial garden, well known for the White Dagoba and Nine-dragon Screen.
    Jingshan Park
    Built on the Jingshan Hill, the Wanchun Pavilion of the Park is the highest point of the city.

 Ancient Sites
  • Display the primitive life of our human ancestors about 700,000 years ago.
    The ancient institute of higher learning that was founded in the Yuan Dynasty. 
    Bell and drum towers are the largest and highest of China.
    Spanning the Yongding River and charming for its eleven arches. 
    Show the Qing-dynasty style architecture and time-honored local stores.
  • The platform of star-watching that was built in the Ming Dynasty.
    Once Prince Yongzheng's residence and later became a lamasery for Tibetan monks.
    The largest and the best preserved princely mansion during the Qing Dynasty.
    The city's most historical and majestic mosque displaying typical Arabic-style decoration.
    A place to enjoy the strong local flavor by roaming along the peaceful lake

  • A well-preserved Taoist temple situated in the eastern part of the Western Hills.
    Having a history of over 700 years and having been reconstructed as Beijing Capital Museum. 
  • The White Tower is the earliest and biggest ple tower of Tibetan Buddhist style.
    A wonderful tourist area which integrates the natural landscapes with the Buddhist culture.

  • Give you the real feeling of the Qing Dynasty novel 'A Dream of Red Mansions'.
    Consisting of eight ancient temples that were originally built in the Sui Dynasty.
    An  amusement park where exciting entertainment facilities and activities are waiting for you.
  • The spectacular natural scenery there is the red smoke leaves over the mountains.
    The place where the Ming and Qing emperors worshiped the Sun God.  
    Once a renowned imperial garden where many foreign styles of architectures were built.

  • A compressive museum displaying the profound Chinese history and culture.
    China Nationalities Museum
    Without traveling around China, you can learn the feelings of all Chinese ethic groups here. 
    Bird's Nest (China National Stadium)
    The main stadium of 2008 Olympics, a new architectural landmark in the city  
    The only 24-hour indoor wooden cycling track in China
  • A national center to appreciate the performing arts selected from China and other countries.
    Rare animals including pandas, golden monkeys, milu deer and northeast tigers are all here.
    Water Cube (China National Aquatics Center)
    One of the most dramatic and exciting venues of the 2008 Olympics
    Beijing Natural History Museum
    The first large-scale natural history museum of China, displayed with fine specimens of fossils.

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