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 Introduction: Being one of the railway hubs of China, Shanghai has trains to all parts of the country. Shanghai trains are mainly operated by four railway stations, namely, Hongqiao Railway Station for high-speed and CRH trains to Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Xiamen, Shanghai Railway Station for through trains to Kowloon and ordinary trains to other towns and cities of China, South Railway Station for ordinary trains to the cities in the Yangtze River and Pearl River deltas, and West Railway Station for high-speed trains to Nanjing.

 Shanghai Train Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial trains to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations. For more detailed information, such as the ticket, please use the searching tool above.

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Beijing South --- --- Around 5H
G Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Hangzhou --- --- Around 1H
G Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Suzhou --- --- Around 30M
G Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Nanjing --- --- Around 2H
G Trains Shanghai Nanjing --- --- Around 2H
D Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Ningbo East --- --- Around 3H
D Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Wenzhou South --- --- Around 5H
D Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Wuhan (Hankou) --- --- Around 6H
D Trains Shanghai Hongqiao Fuzhou South --- --- Around 7H
D316 Shanghai Hongqiao Beijing South 07:25 15:21 7H 56M
D318 Shanghai Hongqiao Beijing South 08:22 17:22 9H
D320 Shanghai Hongqiao Beijing South 10:23 19:01 8H 38M
T110 Shanghai Beijing 18:14 09:23 15H 9M
D312 Shanghai Beijing 20:01 07:46 11H 45M
D322 Shanghai Beijing 20:07 07:52 11H 45M
D314 Shanghai Beijing South 20:13 07:52 11H 39M
T99B Shanghai Kowloon (Hong Kong) 18:20 12:56 18H 36M
T138/T139 Shanghai Xian 15:56 08:21 16H 25M
Z92/Z93 Shanghai Xian 19:10 09:21 14H 11M
T169 Shanghai South Guangzhou 11:13 05:35 18H 22M
T99A Shanghai Guangzhou East 18:20 10:17 15H 57M
T164/T165 Shanghai Lhasa 19:28 19:15 1D 23H 47M
T77 Shanghai South Guilin 16:25 12:15 19H 50M
K181 Shanghai South Kunming 15:57 09:13 1D 17H 16M
K79 Shanghai South Kunming 18:24 07:20 1D 12H 56M
K739 Shanghai South Kunming 19:43 09:26 1D 13H 43M
G7361 Shanghai Hangzhou 07:55 09:25 1H 30M
G7363 Shanghai Hangzhou 08:59 10:26 1H 27M
G7365 Shanghai Hangzhou 15:03 16:34 1H 31M
G7367 Shanghai Hangzhou 18:08 19:30 1H 22M
K511 Shanghai South Sanya 09:12 22:17 1D 13H 5M
D5651 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu 06:45 09:14 2H 29M
D5653 Shanghai Hongqiao Yiwu 15:22 18:10 2H 48M
K290/K291 Shanghai Chengdu 08:30 19:45 1D 11H 15M
K696/K697 Shanghai Chengdu 08:40 16:40 1D 8H
K1156/K1157 Shanghai Chengdu 09:17 13:48 1D 4H 31M
K351/K354 Shanghai South Chengdu 17:34 05:20 1D 11H 46M
K282/K283 Shanghai Chengdu 20:46 11:20 1D 14H 34M
T211 Shanghai South Shenzhen 11:51 06:04 18H 13M
T101 Shanghai South Shenzhen 13:40 08:55 19H 15M
K1251/K1250 Shanghai South Chongqing 11:02 05:01 1D 17H 59M
K71/K74 Shanghai South Chongqing North 13:26 20:08 1D 6H 42M
K1152/K1153 Shanghai Chongqing North 22:06 23:41 1D 1H 35M
G222/G223 Shanghai Hongqiao Qingdao 07:05 13:28 6H 23M
G226/G227 Shanghai Hongqiao Qingdao 14:05 21:00 6H 55M
G234/G235 Shanghai Hongqiao Qingdao 16:32 23:02 6H 30M
K738/K735 Shanghai Luoyang 14:25 06:46 16H 21M
K56/K57 Shanghai Harbin 21:04 05:01 1D 7H 57M
T52/T53 Shanghai Urumqi 20:40 16:15 1D 19h 35M
D3201 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen 08:06 16:46 8H 40M
D3205 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen 10:05 19:00 8H 53M
D3203 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen 10:22 19:13 8H 50M
D3209 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen North 10:28 19:35 9H 7M
D3117 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen North 10:45 19:47 9H 2M
D3207 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen North 11:06 19:56 8H 50M
D3119 Shanghai Hongqiao Xiamen North 12:25 20:57 8H 32M
G7222 Shanghai Wuxi 05:55 06:38 43M
G7224 Shanghai Wuxi 08:38 09:26 48M
G7226 Shanghai Wuxi 11:18 12:25 1H 7M
G7228 Shanghai Wuxi 14:39 15:29 50M
G7230 Shanghai Wuxi 16:11 17:09 58M

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