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 Introduction: Originally, all of the trains of Chengdu were operated by Chengdu Railway Station, the largest railway station in Southwest China. The number of the trains arriving at and leaving from the station adds up to around 140, of which there are bullet trains to Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan. After the East Railway Station was put into use on July 1, 2011, a few trains have been put under its management, including the trains to Chongqing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guilin and Haikou.

 Chengdu Trains Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial trains to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
D Trains Chengdu Chongqing North --- --- Around 2 H
D Trains Chengdu Qingchengshan --- --- Around 1 H
T8 Chengdu Beijing West 09:50 13:28 1D 3H 38M
K818 Chengdu Beijing West 20:28 22:42 1D 2H 14M
K1364 Chengdu Beijing West 22:45 05:49 1D 7H 4M
K698/K695 Chengdu Shanghai 11:25 19:17 1D 7H 52M
K1158/K1155 Chengdu Shanghai 12:02 16:59 1D 4H 57M
K292/K289 Chengdu Shanghai 16:30 05:07 1D 12H 37M
K284/K281 Chengdu Shanghai 18:30 07:13 1D 12H 43M
K352/K353 Chengdu Shanghai South 23:34 13:59 1D 14H 25M
K880 Chengdu Xian 12:40 05:35 16H 55M
K6 Chengdu Xian 21:20 12:15 14H 55M
K829/K828 Chengdu East Guangzhou 12:37 06:54 1D 18H 17M
K1223/K1222 Chengdu Guangzhou East 17:02 09:30 1D 16H 28M
K191/K194 Chengdu Guangzhou 22:27 04:23 1D 5H 56M
K588/K585 Chengdu Shenzhen West 19:18 07:58 1D 12H 40M
K562/K563 Chengdu East Guilin North 14:51 16:52 1D 2H 13M
K853 Chengdu Kunming 08:24 06:26 22H 2M
K113 Chengdu Kunming 13:06 07:38 18H 32M
K1139 Chengdu Kunming 14:51 12:53 22H 2M
K145 Chengdu Kunming 15:38 10:41 19H 3M
K673 Chengdu Kunming 19:20 14:49 19H 29M
K1273/K1272 Chengdu Hangzhou 08:46 11:44 2D 2H 58M
K530/K531 Chengdu East Hangzhou 11:55 22:05 1D 10H 10M
K678/K675 Chengdu Nanjing West 09:31 11:14 1D 2H 3M
K724/K721 Chengdu Nanjing West 16:42 19:08 1D 2H 40M
K856/K857 Chengdu Lanzhou 15:26 11:58 20H 32M
T22/T23 Chengdu Lhasa 20:59 16:50 1D 19H 51M
K386/K387 Chengdu Shenyang North 17:40 10:15 1D 16H 35M
K206/K207 Chengdu Qingdao 17:50 07:52 1D 14H 2M
K870 Chengdu Zhengzhou 14:41 16:29 1D 1H 48M
K746 Chengdu East Zhengzhou 18:21 18:26 1D 5M
K9483 Chengdu Panzhihua 16:10 06:53 14H 43M
K8455 Chengdu Panzhihua 18:51 08:08 13H 17M
K9439 Chengdu Panzhihua 19:32 08:51 13H 19M
T8908 Chengdu Jiangyou 14:15 16:42 2H 27M
T8912 Chengdu Jiangyou 17:30 19:55 2H 25M
K452/K453 Chengdu Urumqi 19:11 18:52 1D 23H 41M
1718/1719 Chengdu Hohhot 10:53 06:18 1D 19H 25M

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