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Hello Angela,

All the guides worked hard to make sure we had a very good and rewarding experience in China.

For our recent trip to Chengdu, I would certainly like to commend Emily for her great guiding. I hope that I conveyed that on my form. She was thoughtful and knowledgeable and her English was excellent.

I have been very pleased with both trips that your agency has organized and I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends.

Kind regards,

Karen Magill
  • Name: Ms. Karen Magill & Ms. Caroline Malone
  • From: UK & New Zealand
  • ltinerary: 5 Days Private Tour to Chengdu - Leshan Buddha - Mt. Emei - Chengdu
  • Date: 8/9/2017
Dear Wendy:

This is my second visit to Beijing -the first visit was 2004 ,at that time, My wife Tewen and My youngest son came with me through one Japanese travel agency through my California agent Ann, [before Summer Olympics]. China changes dramatically during these 13 years, more developed in all infrastructures, people are very friendly, with a continued booming economy.

I am very happy with this trip. Linda in Beijing, especially, we call us Linda's family -she is very professional, kind, she taught all of us about history and culture of China, the norms, the traditional ways, distinctive difference between East and West. Her English is fluent, just like we are in a family - feeling at home. On a score of 10/10, I will give her 12 and beyond. Our group of 17 is satisfied, happy, blissful, joy with her presence even among the extreme humidity, unbearable heat, climbing the great wall at Badaling.

The hotel Novotel is not as impressive compared to Sheraton Xian, or Pullman jing An in Shanghai. It is kind of old hotel, it's advantage is location, wishing Accor group can remodel the hotel, one at a time, otherwise, they will lose customers, the front desk receptionists do not communicate in fluent English or French, Korean or Japanese. I will give this hotel 3.5 stars. All locations are well chosen in Beijing. Wished to spend one more day in Beijing to enjoy gourmet food, the gardens, Chinese book store.

Tracy in Xian is fantastic, full of energy, knowledgeable, a good match for Linda, a younger version of Linda, very kind and affectionate just as Linda does, to be congratulated for her fine work and hospitality.

Xian Sheraton is definitely 5 stars; I have been in many Starwood hotels [Sheraton] before it was incorporated in the Marriott family in Hawaii, other major cities of US. , this one is one of the best with service, food and room, impeccable

All bus drivers are great both in Shanghai, Beijing and Xian

The dancing and performance from the Tang dynasty is a highlight. The tour of the old Xian city walls with its well preserved walkway, easy for bike riding -home visit with family well done. Terracotta to me is a good trip. I just cannot say any good things about the first king of Qin who is a tyrant.

In Shanghai, Jacob is a wonderful guide ,his English is not as fluent as Linda and Tracy, he has a very warm heart working also as interpreter for Volkswagen ,Shanghai hotel Pullman is very modern , one of the best Accor hotel [sofitel ] far better than its sister hotel, Novotel, Xinqiao in Beijing, a star of 4, well deserved every one of the group wishes to have a chance to try the high speed rail in China. Hope one more day in Shanghai - including a trip to Hang Zhou by HSR [the Chinese Bullet train]

I have given my card, e-mail address and telephone to all member of our group [Linda family] so that we can connect, expand family of Linda-Tracy -Jacob


  • Name: Mr. Kin Chan
  • From: USA
  • E-mail: comast.net|kinc3131
  • ltinerary: 8 Days Small Group Trip to Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
  • Date: 7/12/2017

My husband and I would like to thank everyone who made our travel to China for the first time a wonderful experience! We were both extremely pleased with the overall tour. We would both like to extend a special thank you to Candy Lin, our first guide in Beijing. She was an exceptional guide. So informative and always answered our questions we had without hesitation. She really made us feel welcomed and excited about all that we were going to experience. She and Tracy (our second guide) also made my husband feel special. Candy knew it was my husband’s birthday when we were going to be in Xian and coordinated with Tracy for a special surprise birthday cake at the show we attended. It was so very thoughtful of both of them and we are so very grateful.

I also would like to extend a thank you to our host who invited us into her home and cooked us a beautiful meal. This part of the trip I felt was also so special. We found it to be a wonderful experience to get to know how people live in China and how meals are prepared. I can't wait to make the foods she prepared of us at home for my family.

Thank you again Kelly, for all of your help. You have been wonderful arranging all of this for us. My husband and I really were surprised to actually meet you. Another special touch your tour had provided us. Everything was perfectly planned. Accommodations were wonderful and meals were exceptional!

We are so very grateful and look forward to using your services again in the future to see the rest of your great country that we did not get to experience the first time around. It was an exceptional introduction to a beautiful country.

~Starr and George Sapla
  • Name: Ms. Starr Sapla & Mr. George Sapla
  • From: USA
  • ltinerary: 9 Days Small Group Trip to Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
  • Date: 6/21/2017
Hi Lexi,

Thank you for all you did to make our trip to China so enjoyable.

Being picked up at the airports and driven to our Hotels was so important to me. I have traveled by myself and communicating in a foreign language where I needed to go was sometimes a challenge, so having your prompt guides and drivers was very much appreciated. Each one accompanied us to the hotel check-in and made sure that we were taken care of by the hotel staff before leaving. On our last return to Shanghai, the driver picked us up at the airport and did a wonderful job of taking care of us and getting us to the hotel and getting us checked in.

The Ritz in Shanghai was my favorite hotel. It was bright, beautiful with all of the fresh flowers and lovely girls in silk dresses and offering tea when we arrived was lovely. Also, the breakfast buffet was perfect! The other hotels were very nice, but the Ritz set a very high standard and none were quite as good in my opinion.

Your guides and drivers were impeccable. The drivers were amazing! Driving in China is not for the faint hearted, but I never worried with the wonderful drivers you provided. They couldn't have been better and they all were that good!

The guides were very competent in language and knowledge. They shared so much that we felt like friends by the end of the excursions.

In conclusion, it was a very well-planned trip taking into consideration the wonderful sites our leader, Carl Holdren wanted to share with us, and your capable help in making that happen. It was a flexible schedule that I think was as perfect as is humanly possible.

I thank you for making this a very special and unforgettable trip.


Diana Schwoeppe
  • Name: Ms. Diana Schwoeppe (4 travelers)
  • From: USA
  • ltinerary: 16 Days Shanghai - Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai
  • Date: 6/1/2017
Hello Kelly,

Overall we had a lovely holiday in China, and we were very pleased with the way you handled the booking.

Our pickup from Beijing airport was appreciated ...even though we were VERY late in because of delays at Guangzhou, our driver was there waiting for us and we spoke to Linda whilst in the car which was reassuring at 3am in the morning! She was an extremely friendly and knowledgeable guide.

The rickshaw ride was a highlight visiting the Hutongs.

It was also extremely nice to meet you personally in Xian. We loved the home visit...and the bike ride along the city wall. We felt more than an hour at the markets would have been good, but that's just our thoughts.

Check in at Guilin was VERY SLOW, but a superb location! I loved having the markets and so many shops/restaurants to look at. The caves were great, unfortunately the bus we had in Guilin was not very good....small and uncomfortable, especially with all our luggage piled up in there with us!

Our guide, Bella in Chongqing was amazing and very knowledgeable... but she was the only guide who didn't give us an appraisal form to submit.

The Yangtze cruise was lovely, except for having to walk so far to board the ship....

Shanghai guide Celina was very nice, the museum visit was the best museum on the tour. I also really enjoyed the visit to the silk factory.. (I purchased 2 silk pillows and love them!!)

I thought all the hotels were very good, probably the Pullman in Shanghai was the best (very modern and great breakfast options...but check in here was also very slow) It was nice to have some rooms with baths, as i appreciated a soak after a full day out sightseeing!!

Happy hour in Beijing was great also!!!

Overall we enjoyed our holiday, and saw quite a bit of China. It is very different for us coming from a city of 1 million people to be immersed in such big cities, but was good for us to experience. If ever you arrange a small group tour to Adelaide, AUSTRALIA and are interested in a home visit for your group get in touch with me!! Maybe they would enjoy it as much as I did in your country!!!

Thank you once again Kelly.

Kind regards

  • Name: Mrs. Debra Holmes & Mr. Bradley Beck
  • From: Australia
  • ltinerary: 14 Days Small Group of Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai
  • Date: 5/23/2017

China Tour Reviews by City

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