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Tips: You can search the exact timetable of Hong Kong Trains through the above tool, and then book the ticket online at our China Train Ticket Booking Center!

 Introduction: The trains of the nine MTR lines provide convenient transport in Hong Kong from around 06:00 to midnight every a few minutes daily. Intercity ordinary trains from Hung Hom Railway Station connect Hong Kong with mainland China together. At present, there are through trains to Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Beijing and Shanghai. Trains to Guangzhou depart hourly between 07:25 and 19:24; trains to Beijing and Shanghai run every other day. All trains except for T808 and T814 to Guangzhou stop at Dongguan, and only train No.T804 arrives Foshan and Zhaoqing. The fare is charged according to distance, the first class ticket to Dongguan is HKD145 per person, the ticket to Guangzhou is HKD190, HKD 210 to Foshan and HKD 225 to Zhaoqing. Children aged 5 to 9 are charged half of the prices. Tickets for trains to Beijing and Shanghai range from HKD 500 to HKD 1,000 or so according to different sleepers, and children aged 5 to 9 also get a discount.

 Hong Kong Train Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of the intercity trains departing to some of the major Chinese cities, included with their schedules and durations. For more detailed information, such as the train ticket, please use the searching tool above!

Train No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
T812 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 07:25 09:20 1H 55M
T824 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 08:18 10:09 1H 51M
T820 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 09:24 11:19 1H 55M
T804 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 10:42 12:37 1H 55M
T808 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 11:28 13:23 1H 55M
T814 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 12:14 14:09 1H 55M
T826 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 13:10 14:18 1H 8M
T818 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 14:47 16:42 1H 55M
T810 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 16:35 18:29 1H 54M
T828 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 17:50 19:41 1H 51M
T816 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 18:35 20:30 1H 55M
T802 Kowloon(Hong Kong) Guangzhou East 19:24 21:19 1H 55M
T100B Kowloon(Hong Kong) Shanghai 15:15 10:08 18H 53M
T98B Kowloon(Hong Kong) Beijing West 15:15 14:51 23H 36M

Through Train from Kowloon (Hong Kong) to Zhaoqing via Dongguan, Guangzhou and Foshan: 

Train No. Depart Hung Hom Arrive Dongguan Arrive Guangzhou East Arrive Foshan Arrive Zhaoqing
T804 10:42 11:53 12:37 13:22 14:29

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