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 Introduction: Flights from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport connect the city with dozens of other Chinese cities, over 20 foreign cities, as well as Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions. Of all the flights, there are direct ones to most tourist destinations in southwest and northwest China such as Xian and Lhasa, large Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, international cities such as Tokyo, Bangkok, Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. There are also connecting flights to Sydney, Jakarta and Vancouver via Shanghai or Beijing.

 Chengdu Flight Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial flights between Chengdu and some of the major Chinese cities and foreign cities, included with their durations and ticket fares. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

 Domestic Flights to Other Major Chinese Cities:

Air Route Duration Full Air Fare (Economy Class)
Chengdu-Beijing Around 2 H CNY1,440
Chengdu-Shanghai Around 2.5 H CNY1,610
Chengdu-Xian Around 1.5 H CNY630
Chengdu-Guangzhou Around 2 H CNY1,300
Chengdu-Shenzhen Around 2 H CNY1,410
Chengdu-Lhasa Around 2 H CNY1,500
Chengdu-Guilin Around 1.5 H CNY980
Chengdu-Kunming Around 1.5 H CNY990
Chengdu-Sanya Around 2.5 H CNY1,590
Chengdu-Dali Around 1 H CNY960
Chengdu-Qingdao Around 2.5 H CNY1,510
Chengdu-Zhengzhou Around 2 H CNY950
Chengdu-Hangzhou Around 2 H CNY1,600
Chengdu-Lijiang Around 1.5 H CNY880
Chengdu-Guiyang Around 1 H CNY630
Chengdu-Nanjing Around 2 H CNY1,540
Chengdu-Taiyuan Around 2 H CNY1,140
Chengdu-Lanzhou Around 1.5 H CNY940
Chengdu-Jinan Around 2 H CNY1,360
Chengdu-Fuzhou Around 2.5 H CNY1,660
Chengdu-Wuhan Around 1.5 H CNY910
Chengdu-Hefei Around 2 H CNY1,210
Chengdu-Xiamen Around 2 H CNY1,780
Chengdu-Changchun Around 5 H with a stopover at Zhengzhou/ Jinan CNY2,040
Chengdu-Urumqi Around 3.5 H CNY2,040
Chengdu-Wenzhou Around 2.5 H CNY1,530
Chengdu-Yinchuan Around 2 H CNY1,110
Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou Around 1 H CNY1,190
Chengdu-Changsha Around 2.5 H CNY910
Chengdu-Harbin Around 3.5 H CNY2,280
Chengdu-Xishuangbanna Around 2 H CNY1,350
Chengdu-Shenyang Around 3 H CNY2,050
Chengdu-Haikou Around 2 H CNY1,530
Chengdu-Nyingchi Around 2 H CNY1,380

 International Flights to Other World Destinations: 

Air Route Duration Operating Time
Chengdu-Hong Kong Around 3 H Daily
Chengdu-Macau Around 2.5 H Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Chengdu-Taipei 8-10 H with a stopover at Hong Kong Daily
Chengdu-Singapore Around 5 H Daily
Chengdu-Phuket 13-29 H with a stopover at Beijing Daily
Chengdu-Amsterdam Around 11 H Daily
Chengdu-Kuala Lumpur Around 10.5 H with a stopover at Guangzhou Daily
Chengdu-Tokyo 9-18 H with a stopover at Shanghai/Beijing Daily
Chengdu-Hiroshima 10-21 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Osaka 9-12 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Los Angeles 18-36 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Nagoya 11-16 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Paris 19-23 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Bangkok Around 3 H Daily
Chengdu-Sydney 16-18 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Vancouver 17-35 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Chengdu-Jakarta 11-25 H with a stopover at Guangzhou Daily

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