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Guangzhou South Railway Station

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Built in 1901, the Guangzhou South Railway Station (广州南站) was the biggest and oldest freight station in Southern China. It was originally located in south Huangsha Road, Liwan District. Later, it was moved to Shibi Village, Zhongcun County, Panyu District, 17 km (10.6 miles) from the city center. Renovations began on December 30th, 2004, and the station was put into use on January 30th, 2010. It is now a modern railway station for passenger transport, and is also known as the Guangzhou New Railway Station (新广州站).

The station is a terminal for trains from Guangzhou to Hong Kong via Shenzhen, to Wuhan, Zhuhai, Guiyang and Nanning. The station will gradually replace the Guangzhou Railway Station to become the railway transportation hub for passenger transport in Guangzhou. See Guangzhou Train Schedules

The main building of the station is a four-story building, which includs one underground floor and three floors above ground. The underground floor covers 930,000 square meters (1,112,270.7 square yards) and consists of the parking lot with 1808 parking positions and the entrances and exits for the subways. Above ground, the first floor is the transportation level, which mainly handles passengers to/from Wuhan, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen. There are also taxi stations, Port of Entry, Joint Inspection Hall, and the Joint Transportation with Baiyun International Airport. The second floor is the VIP Waiting Rooms, the platform, and the Station Hall. The third floor is a 71,722-square-meter (85,778 square yards) waiting room including a 14,694-square-meter (17,573 square yards) commercial area.   

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 Bus Routes

Bus Line Departure and Terminal Station Operating Hours Ticket Price (CNY)
No.288A Xihua Road - South Railway Station 06:30-23:30 (South Station)
06:30-22:00 (Xihua Road)
No.301A Zhanqian Road - South Railway Station 06:30-23:30 (South Station)
06:00-23:30 (Zhanqian Road)
No.302A East Railway Station - South Railway Station 06:30-23:30 (South Station)
06:30-22:00 (East Station)
No.303A Tianhe Long-Distance Bus Station - South Railway Station 06:30-23:30 (South Station)
06:00-22:00 (Tianhe Station)
No.309A Jiaokou Long-Distance Bus Station - South Railway Station 06:30-23:00 (South Station)
06:00-22:20 (Jiaokou Station)
South Railway Station - Guangzhou University of Technology 06:30-19:00 5
South Railway Station - Hanxi Subway Station 06:30-23:30 2
South Railway Station - Nancun Long-Distance Bus Station 06:30-22:30 3
South Railway Station - Shiqiao Long-Distance Bus Station 06:30-23:30 4
South Railway Station - Lanhe Long-Distance Bus Station 06:30-21:00 (South Station)
06:00-21:30 (Lanhe Station)
South Railway Station - Yanzhou Village 06:30-23:10 4.5

 Main Ticket Windows in Guangzhou City
Passengers can buy their tickets in the stations or railway ticket windows in the city, the main railway ticket windows are as follows (the ticket windows also sell tickets of other railway stations in Guangzhou):  

Railway Ticket Window Address
Baiyun District Luyida Railway Ticket Window No.22 Jichang (Airport) Road
Baiyun District Chiyuan Railway Ticket Window No.409 Sanyuan Avenue
Baiyun District Yintian Railway Ticket Window No.1746 Huangshilu Overpass
Baiyun District Rongfa Railway Ticket Window No.61 Fourth Guanghua Road (Guanghua Si Lu)
Baiyun District Nanfang Hospital Railway Ticket Window First Floor of Building 152 in Nanfang Hospital
Conghua District Yangren Railway Ticket Window No.38 East Zhongtian Road, Jiukou County
Conghua District Taiping County Jinlytong Railway Ticket Window No.52 North Guangcong Road, Taiping County.
Panyu District Tongxiang Railway Ticket Window No.56 Jingang Avenue, Nansha Jinzhou
Panyu District Dongyong Road Lutong Railway Ticket Window Zhenjiahao Shopping Mall, Dongyong County
Panyu District Jutong Railway Ticket Window No.569 Qiaoxing Avenue, Shiqiao County
Haizhu District Quantong Railway Ticket Window No.173 Dunhe Road
Haizhu District Hetong Jiangnan Railway Ticket Window No.411 Jiangnan Avenue
Huadu District Huadu Railway Ticket Window No.24 Zhanqian Road
Huadu District Beicheng Railway Ticket Window No.11 Guihua Building, Kangzheng Road, Shiling County
Huangpu District Renrentong Railway Ticket Window No.26 Chuangye Road, Huangpu Development Zone
Huangpu District Dasheng Railway Ticket Window No.113 East Dashadi Road
Huangpu District Falian Railway Ticket Window No.17 Shuangsha Market, No.1237 East Huangpu Road
Liwan District Lingda Railway Ticket Window No.77-3 Liuhua Road
Liwan District Gaohe Railway Ticket Window No.104 Zhujiang Bridge, Fangcun Avenue
Liwan District Luojin Railway Ticket Window No.23 Matangfang, Nanan Road
Luoguang District Fangqun Railway Ticket Window A01 Longyandong, Longdong Village.
Tianhe District Diyuan Railway Ticket Window No.251 Yanling Road
Tianhe District Tianhe Qiaotai Railway Ticket Window No.43 the First Qiaoyi Street, North Tianhe Road
Tianhe District Zhujiangcheng Shanwei Railway Ticket Window No.10 Qinglong Avenue, Xi Cun, Zhujiang New Town
Tianhe District Jinxintai Railway Ticket Window No.109 Tiyu Xihen Street, East Tiyu Road
Tianhe District Sanmao Tielv Railway Ticket Window No.118 Zhongshan Avenue
Yuexiu District Dashen Railway Ticket Window No.1 Qinglongli, Dongchuan Road
Yuexiu District Beicheng Railway Ticket Window No.417 East Huifu Road
Yuexiu District Guanlian Railway Ticket Window No.191 Changdi Dama Road
Yuexiu District Tongtong Railway Ticket Window No.101 West Guangyuan Road
Zengcheng Licheng Tianlong Railway Ticket Window No.11 Xinqiao Road, Licheng County
Zengcheng Xintang Railway Ticket Window 214 Station, Xintang Avenue, Xintang County

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