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Guangzhou Railway Station

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Located at No.159 West Huanshi Road Yuexiu District, the Guangzhou Railway Station (广州火车站) once was the busiest railway station in the city. In the early 1990s, many people came to Guangzhou to seek their fortune. The railway station became a commercial hub and has played an important role in Guangzhou transportation ever since. Many commercial areas are centered on the station. Besides all-sized markets around, Guangzhou Railway Station is also near the Exhibition Center of Canton Fair and Yuexiu Park, the Guangdong Provincial Long-distance Bus Station, Guangzhou Long-distance Bus Station, and Liuhua Long-distance Bus Station.

The station covers an area of 43,000 square meters (10.6 acres), comprising a station building, 11 railways, 4 platforms, a station square, parking lots, gardens, underground parking lots and markets. There are four floors in the station buildings, the first of which is the Ticket Hall. The upper three floors contain waiting rooms, shops and restaurants. Escalators connect the waiting rooms and the platforms.

Now that the new Guangzhou South Railway Station (Guangzhou New Railway Station) is open, the Guangzhou Railway Station only deals with some of the passengers to Beijing, Maoming, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, and Wuhan, and some short-distance, multi-stops, and low-speed lines. It still provides very convenient service to some medium and small cities. See Guangzhou Train Schedules

It is also an important subway station for the subway line 2 and line 5. Getting off at this subway station, passengers can get to West Huangshi Road, Zhanqian Road, Zhanxi Road, Zhannan Road, North Jiefang Road, Jichang Road, Liuhua Road, Guangdong Provincial Long-distance Bus Station, Guangzhou Long-distance Bus Station, Liuhua Hotel, Oriental Hotel, and Guangzhou TV Station.

Passengers can buy railway tickets in the ticket office of the station or at the railway ticket windows in Guangzhou City 10 days in advance. Passengers in the city can also book their tickets via telephone 10 days in advance. Two ticket booking hotlines are available from 8:00-21:00 everyday. The numbers are 96020088, 95105105 (in Chinese language). 

 Bus Routes:Take Bus No. 30, 31, 52, 180, 201, 210, 211, 228, B10 (234), 254, 257, 257 (Express), B2 (269), 275, 529, 550, 552, 803, 805, 807A, 807, 840, 862B, 862, 7 (Night) , 8 (Night), 11 (Night), 14 (Night), 15 (Night), 18 (Night), 25 (Night) and 41 (Night) and get off at Guangzhou Railway Station stop.
 Subway Lines: Take Subway Line 2 and 5  and get off from Exit D.

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