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  • Full View of Xian Railway Station
    Full View of Xian Railway Station
  • Xian Railway Station
    Xian Railway Station
  • Platform of  Xian Railway Station
    Platform of Xian Railway Station
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Starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Xian is now a major transport hub connecting Northwest and Southwest China. The railway stations play an important role in Xian's transportation. There are four stations in the city: Xian Railway Station, South, West, ans North Railway Stations, among which Xian Railway Station is the major station for passenger transport; the South Railway Station only deals with the trains traveling Ankang; the west station is for freight only; the north station operates bullet trains to Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and Beijing. See Xian Trains Schedules.

 Xian Railway Station
Xian Railway Station, 'the First Window of West China', is one of Chinese Railway hubs connecting Northwest and the Southwest China. Located on the North Ring Road of Xincheng District, it is also a city transport hub of Xian, for there is a coach station and many bus terminals near it. The station was initially built in December, 1934, and was put into use in the following year.

The main building of the station was built in 1985. The Entry Hall of the station is in the center of the building, with the Exit of the station, the Platform Ticket Office, 11 ticket windows, and the Transfer and Visa Center in the west, and another 60 ticket windows in the east (there are also 84 ticket windows distributed in the city). The two-story Entry Hall is 20 meters (65.6 feet) high. On the first floor, there are waiting rooms in the east and west sections and waiting rooms for the old, the young, and VIPs near the platform. Passengers can get to the second floor via the stairs and the escalators in the middle of the first floor. There are 4 big waiting rooms on the second floor, which can hold 7,000 passengers at a time. Passengers can get to platform 1 from the first floor and other platforms from the second floor. In addition, there are restaurants, stores, and newspaper stands in and around the station for passengers' convenience. 

 Ticket Booking
1. Passengers can buy their tickets at the ticket office in the railway station or at the ticket windows in the city.
2. A ticket booking hotline is available, through which you can book the tickets 3-11 days in advance.
Ticket Booking Number: +86 96688 (In Chinese).
Ticket Booking Time: 8:00-22:00.
Main Train Ticket Windows: 

Ticket Windows Location
Longhai Ticket Window Xian Rail Ticket Company, No.1 Xiwu Road
Dongli Mansion Ticket Window Dongli Mansion, No.187 North Huancheng Road
Jiefang Gate Ticket Window No.600 Shangqin Road
Renmin Theater Ticket Window Renmin Theater, No.41 North Avenue (Bei Da Jie)
Dachaishi Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.157 East Avenue (Dong Da Jie)
West Avenue (Xi Da Jie) Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, Anding Gate West Avenue
Wanghao Hotel Ticket Window No.1 Xiwuyuan, Lianhu District
Weiyang Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.1 Weiyang Road
Laodong Road Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.24 Laodong Road
Xishao Gate (Airport) Ticket Window Air Ticket Window, No.225 South Laodong Road
Chengxi Coach Station Ticket Window Ticket Office of Chengxi Coach Station, No.92 East Zaoyuan Road
Tumen Crossroad Ticket Window No.7 West Fenghao Road
Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) Ticket Window South Gate of NWPU, No.127 West Youyi Road
Hanguang Road Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.98 Hanguang Road
CITS (China International Travel Service Limited) Ticket Window CITS, No.48 North Chang'an Road
Chengdong Coach Station Ticket Window No.103 Middle Chang'an Road
Xiaozhai Xin Wenhua Tiandi Ticket Window Yanta Art Center, No.2 Middle Chang'an Road
Shida (Shaanxi Normal University) Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, Shida Road
Xiaozhai Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.96 Middle Chang'an Road
Tourist Center Ticket Window Shengli Hotel, No.16 South Huancheng Road
Dayanta (Big Wild Goose Pagoda) Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.82 South Section of Yanta Road
Youyi Road Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.334 East Youyi Road
Shapo Ticket Window Beside Nanyang Hotel, 17 South Xingqing Road
Xinda (Empress) Ticket Window Empress Hotel, No.45 Xingqing Road, Xincheng District
Hujiamiao Ticket Window Sub-branch of ICBC, No.47 North Jinhua Road
Chengbei Coach Station Ticket Window No.90 West Section of North 2nd Ring
East Xiaozhai Road Ticket Window Datang Hotel, No.80 East Xiaozhai Road
Duanlü Gate Ticket Window No.1 East Mutoushi
South Taibai Road Ticket Window No.171 South Taibai Road
Ticket Window in Xianyang No.66 East Renmin Road, Xianyang
Xianyang Airport Train Ticket Window  The Arrival Hall in Xianyang International Airport
Ticket Window in Sanqiao No.174 Sanqiao Zhengjie

 Bus Routes
1. Buses No.5, 9, 13, 14, 25, 30, 40, 41, 42, 103, 105, 500, 201, 231, 240, 251, 307, 511, 602, 603, 607, 611,  703, 705, 706, 707, 914, 915, Wulong Special line, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2, and Bus No.1-3 (Night Line).
(There are many buses to/via the station, and passengers can take buses to the bus stops near the station: the Railway Station Stop, Railway Station East Stop, Railway Station West Stop, and Jiefang Road Stop, and then walk to the station.)
2. Passengers can take Tourism Buses 1, 2, 3, and 5 from the railway station to some famous scenic spots around the city. 

Tourism Bus Line Destination Operating Hours Fare (CNY) Duration (hours)
Tourism Bus
Huashan Mountain 08:00-17:00 22 2
Tourism Bus
Taibai Mountain 
and Famen Temple
(Taibai Mountain)
(Famen Temple)
22 (to Taibai
25 (to Famen
Tourism Bus
Qianling Tomb 08:00-13:00 18 2
Tourism Bus
No.5 (306)
Huaqing Hot Spring, Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang's, and Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses 08:00-18:00

6 (to Huaqing Hot Spring)
7 (to Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang's, and Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses


Xian South Railway Station

Location Yinzhen, Changan District
Distance from Xian Railway Station 43 km (26.7 miles)
Transportation Take Bus No.918 at the north gate of the government of Chang'an District
Operating Hours of Bus No. 918: 06:00 - 20:00
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