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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

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Next to the Terminal Building 2 of Hongqiao International Airport in the East, Hongqiao Railway Station is the most important railway passenger transport hub and the largest railway station in East China. It is equipped with high degree automatic facilities, including automatic ticket selling machines, automatic ticket checking system, automatic guidance system and self-service equipments. Its waiting room covers an area of 11,340 square meters (2.8 acres), with a capacity of 10,000 persons. There is a shopping mall opened for the convenience of the passengers on the upper floor of the waiting room. At the same time, a sightseeing platform is set up on top of the waiting room for passengers to enjoy the whole Hongqiao transportation hub.

Put into use on July 1, 2010, trhe railway station mainly operates bullet trains whose train numbers begin with D and high-speed trains whose train numbers begin with G. At present, Trains departure and arrive at this station includes Shanghai-Nanjing intercity high-speed trains, Beijing-Shanghai bullet and high-speed trains, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed trains as well as bullet trains to Yiwu, Jinan, Wuhan, Fuzhou and Hefei. In the future, this station will also serve bullet trains between Shanghai and Chengdu, Chongqing. See Shanghai Train Schedules

 Ticket Service: Around the waiting hall are set up with 154 ticket windows and 80 ticket vending machines. Normally, the station provides 6 days in advance ticket pre-sale service. Considering its long-distance from downtown Shanghai, passenger can also buy the tickets for trains departing from this station at the other railway stations or the ticket windows in downtown. Train tickets of Shanghai- Kowloon, Hong Kong are unavailable here. 

 Getting to the Station: passengers by taxis, cars and buses can get to the gate of the waiting hall through the elevated road; passengers by Shanghai Subway can get off at Hongqiao Subway Station, go up to the station hall on the Basement 1 from the platform floor on Basement 2, and then go to the waiting room of Hongqiao Railway Station on the second floor through the escalators in the east and west side of the station hall. 
 Leaving from the Station:
1. To Terminal Building 1 of Hongqiao Airport, passengers can take Shanghai subway line 10 through only one stop;
2. To Terminal Building 2 of Hongqiao Airport, passengers can walk through the underground tunnel by following the road sign for about 10 minutes;
3. To Pudong International Airport, passengers can take the subway line 2 for about 1.5 hours; To save time, passengers can also take subway line 2 to Longyang Road Station, and then transfer to Shanghai Maglev to Pudong Airport;
4. To Shanghai Railway Station, passengers can take the subway line 10 to Hongqiao Road Station, and change to line 3 or 4; passengers can also take subway line 2 to Zhongshan Park station or People’s Square station to take line 3 or line 1;
5. To Shanghai South Railway Station, passengers can take the subway line 2 to People’s Square station or Zhognshan Park Station to take line 1 or line 3; passengers can also take line 10 to Hongqiao Road, then transfer to line 3 or line 4;
6. To the counties and districts in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, passengers can take a long-distance bus from Hongqiao Hub East Transportation Center in the west of the Hongqiao Railway Station.
7. There are also buses to some of the long-distance bus stations in downtown Shanghai from this station, such as Hongqiao Shuniu No. 5 to Fengxian Nanqiao Bus Station, Hongqiao Shuniu No. 6 to Qingpu Bus Station, Hongqiao Shuniu No. 7 to Jinshan Shihua Bus Station, Hongqiao Shuniu No. 8 to Jinshan Zhujing Bus Station and Hongqiao Shuniu No. 10 to Songjiang East Bus Station.   

 Popular China Train Schedules: 

Passenger Notice: the ticket checking will be closed 5 minutes ahead of the departure of the train. Passengers should leave dozens of minutes to have the ticket checked, since Hongqiao Railway Station covers a large area. The automatic ticket checking machines can only recognize the magnetic medium tickets for the corresponding train on the specified date. Passengers with ordinary paper tickets should enter and exit the station through the manual control channel.

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