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 Introduction: There are over 2,500 flights taking off from or landing at the two airports of the city daily. Most of the international and part of the domestic flights are handled by Pudong Airport which has opened air routes to over 90 international cities and more than 60 domestic cities. The left are managed by Hongqiao Airport, carrying passengers to over 90 international and domestic cities.

 Shanghai Flight Schedules/Tickets: 

 Domestic Flights to Other Major Chinese Cities:

Air Route Duration Full Air Fare (Economy Class)
Shanghai Hongqiao-Beijing Around 2H 20M CNY1,130
Shanghai Pudong-Beijing Around 2H 25M CNY1,130
Shanghai Hongqiao-Guangzhou Around 2.5H CNY1,280
Shanghai Pudong-Guangzhou Around 2H 35M CNY1,280
Shanghai Pudong-Xian Around 2H 40M CNY1,260
Shanghai Hongqiao-Chengdu Around 3H 15M CNY1,610
Shanghai Pudong-Chengdu Around 3H 25M CNY1,610
Shanghai Hongqiao-Guilin Around 2.5H CNY1,300
Shanghai Pudong-Guilin Around 2H 35M CNY1,300
Shanghai Pudong-Lhasa Around 6H 45M CNY2,760
Shanghai Pudong-Kunming Around 3H CNY1,900
Shanghai Hongqiao-Shenzhen Around 2.5H CNY1,400
Shanghai Pudong-Shenzhen Around 2.5H CNY1,400
Shanghai Pudong-Chongqing Around 3H CNY1,490
Shanghai Pudong-Haikou Around 3H CNY1,660
Shanghai Hongqiao-Sanya Around 3H CNY1,890
Shanghai Pudong-Sanya Around 3H CNY1,890
Shanghai Pudong-Xiamen Around 1.5H CNY960
Shanghai Hongqiao-Xiamen Around 1.5H CNY960
Shanghai Hongqiao-Qingdao Around 1.5H CNY740
Shanghai Pudong-Qingdao Around 1H 15M CNY740
Shanghai Hongqiao-Wuhan Around 1H 50M CNY810
Shanghai Pudong-Wuhan Around 1H 45M CNY810
Shanghai Pudong-Dalian Around 1H 50M CNY1,060
Shanghai Pudong-Lanzhou Around 3H 5M CNY1,750
Shanghai Pudong-Zhengzhou Around 1H 50M CNY800
Shanghai Hongqiao-Zhengzhou Around 1H 50M CNY800
Shanghai Pudong-Harbin Around 2H 50M CNY1,760
Shanghai Hongqiao-Tianjin Around 2H CNY1,030
Shanghai Hongqiao-Xiamen Around 1.5H CNY960
Shanghai Hongqiao-Changsha Around 1H 50M CNY890
Shanghai Hongqiao-Hohhot Around 3H CNY1,350
Shanghai Hongqiao-Lijiang Around 3H 45M CNY2,430
Shanghai Hongqiao-Fuzhou Around 1H 20M CNY780
Shanghai Hongqiao-Shantou Around 2H CNY990
Shanghai Pudong-Zhuhai Around 2H 45M CNY1,400
Shanghai Hongqiao-Guiyang Around 2H 50M CNY1,600
Shanghai Hongqiao-Luoyang Around 1H 50M CNY890
Shanghai Pudong-Shenyang Around 2H 20M CNY1,300
Shanghai Pudong-Changchun Around 2.5H CNY1,600
Shanghai Hongqiao-Nanning Around 3H CNY1,660
Shanghai Hongqiao-Nanchang Around 1H 20M CNY710
Shanghai Pudong-Yinchuan Around 3H CNY1,500

 International Flights to Other World Destinations:

Air Route Duration
Shanghai Pudong-Hong Kong Around 2H 40M
Shanghai Pudong-Macau Around 2H 40M
Shanghai Pudong-Taipei Around 1H 50M
Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Around 3H
Shanghai Pudong-Seoul Around 1H 50M
Shanghai Pudong-Singapore Around 5H 20M
Shanghai Pudong-Bangkok Around 4H 35M
Shanghai Pudong-New York 14-19 H
Shanghai Pudong-Kuala Lumpur 4-6 H
Shanghai Pudong-Osaka Around 2H
Shanghai Pudong-Los Angeles 12-18 H
Shanghai Pudong-Sydney 10-13 H
Shanghai Pudong-San Francisco 11-17 H
Shanghai Pudong-Vancouver 11-14 H
Shanghai Pudong-Melbourne 11-14 H
Shanghai Pudong-Jakarta 6-7 H
Shanghai Pudong-Chicago 13H or More
Shanghai Pudong-Toronto 14-19 H
Shanghai Pudong-Ho Chi Minh City Around 4H
Shanghai Pudong-Manila 3-5 H
Shanghai Pudong-Hanoi 4-5 H
Shanghai Pudong-Paris 13H or More
Shanghai Pudong-Moscow 10-12 H
Shanghai Pudong-London 13H or More
Shanghai Pudong-Frankfort 13H or More
Shanghai Pudong-Rome 13H or More
Shanghai Pudong-Munich 13H or More

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