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 Introduction: Flights of Nanjing go to 42 major cities in mainland China, 19 international cities as well as Hong Kong and Macau. International flights for passenger transport include regular ones to Singapore, Seoul, Osaka, Bangkok, Frankfort, London, Moscow and Los Angeles, and open charter flights to Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Sharba. International flights for freight are also consisted of regular ones to Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore and Moscow, and open charter flights to Liège and Dhaka.

 Nanjing Flight Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial flights to some of the major Chinese cities and foreign cities, included with their durations and ticket fares. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

 Domestic Flights to Other Major Chinese Cities:

Air Route Duration Full Air Fare (Economy Class)
Nanjing-Beijing Around 2 H CNY1,010
Nanjing-Xian Around 2 H CNY1,080
Nanjing-Guangzhou Around 2 H CNY1,180
Nanjing-Shenzhen Around 2 H CNY1,380
Nanjing-Guilin Around 2 H CNY1,110
Nanjing-Qingdao Around 1 H CNY780
Nanjing-Wuhan Around 1 H CNY730
Nanjing-Changsha Around 1.5 H CNY840
Nanjing-Shenyang Around 2 H CNY1,460
Nanjing-Fuzhou Around 1 H CNY750
Nanjing-Changchun Around 2 H CNY1,460
Nanjing-Chengdu Around 2.5 H CNY1,540
Nanjing-Taiyuan Around 1.5 H CNY790
Nanjing-Kunming Around 3 H CNY1,750
Nanjing-Guiyang Around 2.5 H CNY1,300
Nanjing-Haikou Around 2.5 H CNY1,850
Nanjing-Xiamen Around 1.5 H CNY980
Nanjing-Chongqing Around 2 H CNY1,280
Nanjing-Sanya Around 3 H CNY1,830
Nanjing-Yantai Around 1 H CNY850
Nanjing-Nanning Around 2.5 H CNY1,480
Nanjing-Urumqi Around 6 H with a stopover at Xian CNY2,630
Nanjing-Dalian Around 1.5 H CNY930
Nanjing-Harbin Around 2.5 H CNY1,650
Nanjing-Lanzhou Around 4 H with a stopover at Xian CNY1,380
Nanjing-Xining Around 4 H with a stopover at Zhengzhou CNY1,640
Nanjing-Hohhot Around 3.5 H with a stopover at Shijiazhuang CNY1,250
Nanjing-Nanchang Around 1 H CNY660

 International Flights to Other World Destinations: 

Air Route Duration Operating Time
Nanjing-Hong Kong Around 2.5 H Daily
Nanjing-Macau Around 2.5 H Daily
Nanjing-Taipei Around 2 H Daily
Nanjing-Taichung Around 2 H Thursday & Friday
Nanjing-Seoul Around 2 H Daily
Nanjing-Singapore Around 5.5 H Daily
Nanjing-Osaka Around 2 H Daily
Nanjing-Bangkok 9-18 H with a stopover at Guangzhou, Shanghai or Hong Kong Daily
Nanjing-Frankfort 16-30 H with a stopover at Beijing Daily
Nanjing-London 18-30 H with a stopover at Beijing or Shanghai Daily
Nanjing-Los Angeles 17-31 H with a stopover at Beijing Daily
Nanjing-Moscow 15-29 H with a stopover at Beijing Daily
Nanjing-Vancouver 16-19 H with a stopover at Beijing Daily

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