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Yangshuo Travel Guide

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  • Yangshuo West Street
    Yangshuo West Street
  • Cycling on the way
    Cycling on the way
  • Tour at Yangshuo
    Tour at Yangshuo
  • Market in Fuli Town, Yangshuo
    Market in Fuli Town, Yangshuo
  • Old Houses, Yangshuo
    Old Houses, Yangshuo
  • Yangshuo Scenery
    Yangshuo Scenery
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 Yangshuo Facts
Phone Code: 0773
Postal Code: 541900
Area: 551 square miles
Population: 0.3 million
Nationalities: Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao
Neighboring Areas: Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong Provinces
Location: About 65 km (40 miles) south from central Guilin city, Yangshuo is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on the west bank of the Li River.

 Physical Features: Yangshuo's terrain is high in the northeast and southwest which is covered with mountains, and relatively low and flat in the northwest and southwest where are mainly karst formations. It is also hilly in the central part, with karst stone hills rising sharply from the ground.

 Recommended Yangshuo Tour Itineraries:
Guilin-Yangshuo Tour: 4 Days to Guilin Fubo Hill, Seven Star Park and take cruise down to Yangshuo 
China Highlights Tour: 11-Day Small Group of Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai
China Tour with Yangshuo: 13-Day of Beijing - Xian - Kunming - Lijiang - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai

Yangshuo Map
Yangshuo Maps
 "Guilin is the No. 1 scenic spot under heaven, while Yangshuo is the No.1 scenic spot of Guilin". As has been described in this sentence, scenery along the Li River in Yangshuo is the elite of the whole area. Featured with green hills, clear waters, fantastic caves and spectacular rocks, tourist sites in Yangshuo are most attractive for all travelers. The most popular ones are Impression Sanjie Liu which is a large-scale performance shown at the Li River Mountain-Water Theatre, Xingping Ancient Town, West Street, Butterfly Spring, Big Banyan Tree, Yangshuo Landscape Garden, Schoolboy Hill, Xanadu, Moon Hill, Ancient Totem Way, Green Lotus Peak, and Assembling Dragon Pool.

 Yangshuo Transportation: There are through buses from Guilin Bus Station to Yangshuo, leaving every 15 minutes. Coming to Yangshuo, the main means of transport are mini-buses, motor tricycles and bicycles, in addition to the ships, buses and taxis from outside. Mini-buses are for long-distance transport to Guilin, Xingping and Yangdi, while tricycles and bicycles are used within Yangshuo County.

Traveling in Yangshuo, it's highly recommended that you hire a bicycle to travel around, since almost all of the tourist spots are less 10 km (6.2 miles) away from the county, and bicycles are eco-friendly, easily controllable and with low rent.

 Yangshuo Weather: Yangshuo has four seasons, plenty of rainfall, abundant sunshine, long frost-free periods (over 300 days in a year). The best time to visit Yangshuo is from May to October. 

 Dining and Shopping
As a 'Global Village' in China, Yangshuo brings together delicious foods from all over the world. Visitors can choose as they like. However, some famous local dishes can't be missed either, such as Yangshuo Pi Jiu Yu (Beer Fish), Yangshuo Luo Si Niang (Griddle Cooked River Snail), Zhu Tong Ji (Bamboo Chicken), Xiang Su Ya (Crisp Fried Duck) and Xiang Yu Kou Rou (Stewed Pork with Taro). There are many snack stands and Chinese restaurants on Yangshuo Square or Pamtao Road. Besides, the well-known West Street is also a good choice for dining with both local and western food.

Yangshuo is a well-developed tourist city in China, and it has various featured products, such as jewels, crafts, minority decorations, Shatian Shaddock, kumquat, dried persimmon, Chinese chestnut, embroideries, painted fans and folding screens. The best place for shopping is West Street where all these specialties can be found. Besides, stores for tourist souvenirs are also numerous in almost every tourist sites and main roads in Yangshuo. Please note it is advised not to pay for something directly without bargaining! 

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