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Li River

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  • Our Group Tour in Li River
    Our Group Tour in Li River
  • Guilin Li River
    Guilin Li River
  • A Meal on Li River Cruise Ship
    A Meal on Li River Cruise Ship
  • Tour at Li River
    Tour at Li River
  • Li River Cruise Ship
    Li River Cruise Ship
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    Guilin Tianyuan
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Guilin is famous for its natural landscape, green mountains, clear water, splendid caves and pretty rocks. Li River is just like a green ribbon winding its way through the great peaks in Guilin. It originates from Mao'er Mountain in Xing'an County northeast of Guilin and flows through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle, Zhaoping and finally meets Xi River in Wulin. The 83 kilometers (51.6 miles) reach from Guilin to Yangshuo is the quintessence of the river. 

Li River is a centralized zone where karst landform develops typically and collects the elite of Guilin landscape, which impresses you with 'A hundred miles Li River, a hundred miles pictures gallery'. It is quite a pleasant experience for you to take the cruise on the river. Most of the cruise starts from Zhujiang Wharf, about 40 minutes' drive from Guilin city. It is then about 4-5 hours' cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. When cruising down, you can breathe the fresh air, feel gentle breeze and appreciate the fabulous landscape on both sides. It is extremely enjoyable to cruise Li River at any time, because the beauty of the river remains matchless no matter how the external environment changes. In rainy days, Li River and its surroundings are shrouded by mist. It is wonderful to stand in front of the boat and let the mizzle fall onto your face. In sunny days, the reflections in the river are so clear that it looks like the mirror. 

Guilin Li River
Li River Map
Very often can you see the fishermen take the raft busy with fish-caught, the duck swimming in the river. There are some habitants on both sides of the river. All of these are woven into a piece of excellent painting. Li River is full of nice sceneries such as deep pool, dangerous shoal and wonderful spring and fall. Very possibly you will miss something nice if you are absent-minded for a while. It is without any exaggeration that you seem to take the journey in a colorful picture. 

The mountains on the sides stand high, the shrub and flowers dot the stone peaks. Seen from afar, they are like the garment of the pretty girls. The evergreen Fengwei bamboo on the dyke appears as if the skirts of the maid are gracefully blowing in the wind. What the lovely scene are the reflections of mountains, some are dimly looking, and some are clearly visible. The image is such that the boats steams on the summit of the green mountains. Li River is so fabulous that it is even selected as the background of 20 Yuan of Chinese RMB. 

Guilin is a place nature bestows with much favoritism. Of all times, numerous literators and celebrities came here for sightseeing, thus a lot of poems and literary works were created for the expression of their emotion. One goes like this: 'Beautiful landscape is mellow and sweet wine that makes visitors drunk, sip and drink it, there comes a poem in heart'. Former US president Nixon said that no city can surpass the beauty of Guilin, it is really a bright pearl in China. The water of Li River gestates its people, it also a nature dish with inedible taste.

 Travel Tips:
A. If you have plenty of time, you can try to take your backpack and walk along the river, but it is a very long journey.
B. Li River Cruise is recommended for it will save your time and energy, but you can still see the beautifull scenery. The whole journey takes about 4 hours.

 Tips for Li River Cruise: 
 Super Luxury Vessel: CNY 450 (Apr. to Nov.); CNY 380 (Dec. to Mar.)
Boarding Ports: Zhujiang Port - Yangshuo Port

 Luxury Vessel:  CNY 305 (Apr. to Nov.); CNY 270 (Dec. to Mar.)
Boarding Ports: Zhujiang Port - Yangshuo Port

 Standard Vessel: CNY 210 (Apr. to Nov.); CNY 190 (Dec. to Mar.)
Boarding Ports: Mopanshan Port - Yangshuo Port

 Kids between 1.0 - 1.4 m are charged half of the prices; kids under 1.0 m are free of charge.

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