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  • Foreigners at West Street
    Foreigners at West Street
  • A Local Peddler
    A Local Peddler
  • Visiting West Street
    Visiting West Street
  • A Silk Shop
    A Silk Shop
  • Yangshuo West Street
    Yangshuo West Street
  • A Silk Shop
    A Silk Shop
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It is truly agreed that the most beautiful scenery in China is in Guilin, while the most fascinating part of a Guilin tour is in Yangshuo. In this most attractive town adjacent to Li River, there is an old street called West Street, which has a history of more than 1,400 years. It is not only the landmark of Yangshuo, but also the hub of eastern and western culture.

West Street, dubbed as the foreigners' street, is the most thriving district in Yangshuo. It typically exemplifies the style in southern China Street, completely paved with marble meandering in the shape of 'S'. Although West Street is a short street which is only about 517 meters (565 yards) long and 8 meters (9 yards) wide. Its fame is by no means inferior to Wall Streets in New York, the Downing Street in London, ChampsElysees Avenue in Paris, Wangfujing Avenue in Beijing. It has evolved into a noted brand instead of a simple tourist street.

It is a witness of the long history of Yangshuo. Green tiles, white walls, red windows and cornice, which are all features of the ancient brick houses from the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), are found here. However, it is not merely an old street, it is where eastern and western people meet, eastern and western culture combine. Standing at the West Street, you will see people of different colors and different accents passing by. Some pairs are roaming around hand in hand, some wearing backpacks looking for something, some talking and laughing casually outside the pub. Among the numerous foreigners in Yangshuo, some are inclined to learn Chinese culture, some are settlers running their business, some on their journey. It is definite that all comers are unanimously in hopes of being happy. Because of so many foreigners, English becomes widely used in this county. Quite often can you see the foreigners bargain with the old seller in fluent English. Every year, Yangshuo people receive thousands of foreign friends with great hospitality, which greatly enhances the friendship of Chinese and foreigners. It is also the place where a lot of romances take place. 

Alongside the street are alive with many shops, hotels, pubs, cafes, boutiques, restaurants etc. Nearly all the stores have the signboards in Chinese and English. The new comer won't afflict with a feeling of strangeness there. Bars on the West Street are adorned with exotic flavors. They become particularly lively as evening approaches. On one side, deals of antiques and souvenirs are busily made. What you hear is a mixture of mandarin, local dialect and English. On the other side, light and music dominate the bars. Some people savour every sip of the wine delightfully, some have themselves indulge in the dance pool to drive away all the pressures and annoyances. 

In addition to the wine, the bars offer the western food and drinks. Some have free films on TV, some bars provide novels, magazines, classic works and so forth. Some owners are so considerate and original to offer the message board for visitors to put down their stories while in Yangshuo. Some even have computers with free internet access. 

Yangshuo is more a global English corner than a tourist resort. West Street is abundant with fashion. Whatever your interest lies, West Street will not let you down.

 Well-known Dish: Beer Fish, and the well-known sellers are 'The Tao's Authentic Beer Fish' and 'the Older Sister of Peng's Beer Fish'.

 Characteristic cafes: Meiyou Cafe, Art Cafe & Paris Cafe

 Well-known Bars: Xinyuniao, Sihai, Shimeigui & KISS Bar

 Recommended Transport: ride a bicyce or on foot

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