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 Introduction: From Hong Kong International Airport, passengers can take a flight to half of the world’s population within 5 hours. Everyday, around 1,000 flights go to/from over 150 world destinations such as New York, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, London and Chinese cities Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and Hangzhou.

 Hong Kong Flight Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial flights between Hong Kong and some of the major Chinese cities and international cities, included with their durations and operating time. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

Air Route Duration Operating Time
Hong Kong-Beijing Around 3 H Daily
Hong Kong-Shanghai Around 2.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Xian Around 2.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Hangzhou Around 2 H Daily
Hong Kong-Chengdu Around 2.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Guilin Around 1.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Nanjing Around 2 H Daily
Hong Kong-Tianjin Around 3 H Daily
Hong Kong-Chongqing Around 2 H Daily
Hong Kong-Haikou Around 1.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Sanya Around 1.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Xiamen Around 1 H Daily
Hong Kong-Dalian Around 3.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Kunming Around 2.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Qingdao Around 3 H Daily
Hong Kong-Wuhan Around 2 H Daily
Hong Kong-Nanning Around 2.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Harbin Around 4.5 H Monday, Thursday & Saturday
Hong Kong-Singapore Around 4 H Daily
Hong Kong-Paris Around 13 H Daily
Hong Kong-Sydney Around 9 H Daily
Hong Kong-New York Around 16 H Daily
Hong Kong-Jakarta Around 5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Delhi Around 6.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Melbourne Around 9 H Daily
Hong Kong-Los Angeles Around 12.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Toronto Around 15 H Daily
Hong Kong-Amsterdam Around 13 H Daily
Hong Kong-San Francisco Around 12 H Daily
Hong Kong-Rome Around 13 H Daily
Hong Kong-Moscow Around 12 H Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Hong Kong-London Around 13 H Daily
Hong Kong-Manila Around 2 H Daily
Hong Kong-Frankfurt Around 12.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Taipei Around 1.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Kaohsiung Around 1.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Ho Chi Minh 8-12 H with a stopover at Singapore/Taipei Daily
Hong Kong-Bangkok Around 3 H Daily
Hong Kong-Kuala Lumpur Around 4 H Daily
Hong Kong-Seoul Around 3.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Tokyo Around 4 H Daily
Hong Kong-Osaka Around 3.5 H Daily
Hong Kong-Hanoi Around 2 H Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Hong Kong-Istanbul 20-39 H with a stopover at Singapore Daily
Hong Kong-Munich 21-40 H with a stopover at Singapore Daily
Hong Kong-Chicago Around 15 H Daily
Hong Kong-Vancouver Around 11.5 H Daily

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