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Hong Kong, located off China's southeast coast, has a subtropical marine climate. It is mild in winter, but is rather hot in summer. The yearly average temperature is 22.8 °C (73.0 °F), with a mean temperature of 15.6 °C (60.1 °F) in January and a mean temperature 28.6 °C  (83.5 °F) in July. It is humid with plentiful annual rainfall of 2,246 millimeters (inches). Rainless and clear autumn is the best sightseeing time.

In the humid spring, the temperature averages 18 - 25 °C (64 - 77 °F) and it is always misty and drizzly. In summer, it is very hot with an average temperature of 28 - 32  °C (82 - 90 °F); and showers, thunderstorms and typhoons are expected. In the sunny autumn, the temperature averages 20 - 28  °C (68 - 82 °F), but tropical hurricanes may hit the city in September and October. In winter, it is very gentle with a mean temperature undulating between 15 °C (59 °F) and 18 °C (64 °F). The temperature can drop below zero, which may bring frost.

Hong kong Weather
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