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For the visa application, the applicant should hold his valid passport or other available travel credentials. Generally, the required period of validity of the passport should be at least 6 months longer than the visa's period of validity, or the procedures of your application will not be accepted.

The photo of the applicant is often attached to the visa. Some are pasted together with visa; some are pasted on the application form. More photos should be prepared and they must be consistent with those in your passport. 

 Countertendency Visa Application: The applicant first should ensure whether or not the target country requires proof of countertendency visa. If required, the procedure for the applicant is as follows:
1. Mail a copy of your valid passport and other related materials (ID card copy, related notaries deed and so on) to your relatives or friends resident in your target country;
2. Your relatives or friends should go to the immigration organization or department who are responsible for the management for your entering and/or leaving border of their own country to apply for the countertendency visa, and then mail it back to you.

 Transit Visa Application: Should you apply for transit visa,you must go to the embassies or consulates of the transit country(you have to pass through) stationed in your own country to handle the application procedures. Remember that you should bring the credentials materials including the valid passport, the valid visa to your target country, the international air ticket and your photos. The applicant should submit all these materials and fill in the required application form. Then, generally after three to five days, you will obtain the transit visa. Some countries may provide a same day service so that you can obtain the transit visa immediately after you submit the application form.

 Pay for the Visa
Different countries have different charging standard, some are higher some lower while others are free. Generally, the fees are the same no matter country "A" issues the visa to a citizen of country "B" or vice versa. The amount of the fee is generally marked on the visa though some others are pasted into the stamp tax. When the applicant receives the visa, they will know the exact expense.

Generally, you should pay for the expense immediately after you get the visa. If you require a receipt, you should make this clear to the officials beforehand.

The visa expense and the application expense are different. Most countries only charge the visa expense while some will charge both of these fees. If the application is refused, then the visa expense will not be charged. But in some countries, you are required to pay for the visa application up front, and is non refundable should your application is refused.

Generally, the currency of your own country is required when paying for the visa expense or application. Credit cards or checks are not always acceptable as alternative methods of payment.

 Visa Inspection
After you receive your visa, you had better have a careful self-inspection to it. The key point of the inspection is that whether the visa type is consistent with the purpose for your going abroad, whether the period of validity and the duration of staying abroad are clear and so on. In addition, the official's signature and the seal by issuing organization are also very important for you to pay much attention to.

If you discover an error, you should immediately request that the officials to correct it. Even if you find the mistake after you leave the embassies and consulates, you may return to the official and ask for the correction. Actually, the correction for the visa is permitted at any time within the visa's period of validity prior to your departure.

 Chinese Visa Application Service Center
The Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) is introduced to many countries by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate. The center offers a high quality of Chinese visa application with an online filling in form, shorter waiting time and multiple choice of payment. If you are not available to go there in person, the center also provides postal service for the whole process (Note: Whether your visa is to be issued or not and the type, validity, number of entry and duration of stay are all decided by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General according to relevant regulations and laws)

 CVASC in the World:

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