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 China Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia
Ambassador: Zhang Jinfeng (Ms.)
Address: No.156, Blvd Mao Tsetung, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (P. O. Box 26)
Tel: +855-12810928, 12901923 (Mobile Phone)
Fax: +855-23-364738

 China Embassy in Cameroun
Ambassador: Huang Changqing (Mr.)
Address: BP1307, Nouveau Bastos, Yaounde, Cameroun
Tel: +237-210083, +237-2216778
Fax: +237-214395, 200471
 China Consulate in Cameroun
Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Douala
Counselor General: Wu Yongqing
Address: 125, Rue 1042, Quartier Hydrocarbure, Douala, Cameroun (B.P.4391)
Tel: +237-33426276
Fax: +237-33426214

 China Embassy in Cape Verde
Ambassador: Wu Yuanshan (Mr.)
Address: Achada Do Santo Antonio, Praia, Cape Verde
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 8, Praia, Cape Verde
Tel: +238-623027, 623028, 623029 (Commercial Department)
Fax: +238-623047, 623007 (Commercial Department)

 China Embassy in Central Africa
Ambassador: He Siji (Mr.)
Address: Avenue Des Martyrs, Bangui, Republique Centrafricaine (B.P. 1430)
Tel: +236-612760
Fax: +236-613183

 China Embassy in Chad
Ambassador: Wang Yingwu (Mr.)
Address: Rue No.1021 (Boulevard de Koufra), Premier Arrondissement, N'Djaména, République du Tchad
Mailing Address: B.P.735 N'Djamena Tchad
Tel: +235-2522949
Fax: +235-2530045
Office Hours: 08:00-12:00 13:30-15:30 (Monday-Friday)

Consular Office
Tel: +235-2522949
Fax: +235-2530045
Office Hours: 10:00-11:30 Tuesday & Friday

 China Embassy in Chile
Ambassador: Liu Yuqin (Ms.)
Address: Avenue Pedro de Valdivia 550, Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56-2-2339880, 2049443
Fax: +56-2-2341129, 3352755
Office Hours: 09:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

Consular Office
Tel: +56-2-2339898
Office Hours: 09:30-12:00, 15:00-17:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

 China Embassy in Colombia
Ambassador: Li Changhua (Mr.)
Address: Carrera 16 # 98-30, Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: +57-1-6223215
       +57-1-6223126 (Consular Office)
Fax: +57-1-6223114
 Chinese Consulate in Colombia
Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Barranquilla
Consul General: Xu Qing (Mr.)
Address: Calle 80, No.51-69, Edificio Girasol Apto 25, Barranquilla, Colombia
Tel: +57-5-3783535, 3566465
Fax: +57-5-3562175

 China Embassy in Comoros
Ambassador: Tao Weiguang (Mr.)
Address: Coulee De Lave No.C109, Moroni, Comoros
Mailing Address: B.P.442, Moroni, Comoros
Tel: +269-732521
Fax: +269-732866

 China Embassy in Repubilic of Cango
Ambassador: Mr. Li Shuli
Address: Avenue Auxence ickonga, Brazzaville, République du Cango
Mailing: B.P.213, Brazzaville, République du Cango
Tel: 00242-2811132; 00242-5669898
Fax: 00242-2811135 

 China Embassy in Costa Rica
Ambassador:  Mr. Li Changhua
Address: De la casa de D. Oscar Arias 100 metros al sur y 50 metros al oeste, Rohrmoser, Pavas San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel: +506-2914811
Fax: +506-2914820

 China Embassy in Cote D'ivoire
Ambassador: Mr. Wei Wenhua
Address: Lot 45, Avenue Jacques Aka, Cocody, Abidjan, Cote D'ivoire
Mailing Address: 01 B.P. 3691 Abidjan, 01
Tel: +225-22445900
Fax: +225-22446781

 China Embassy in Croatia
Ambassador: Wu Zhenglong (Mr.)
Address: Mlinovi 132 10000, Zagreb
Tel: +385-1-4637011
       +385-1-4693002 (Consular Office)

 China Embassy in Cuba
Ambassador: Ms. Liu Yuqin
Address: Calle 13 No. 551, Entre CYD, Vedado, Ciudad de La Havana, Cuba
Tel: +53-7-8333005
Fax: +53-7-8333092

 China Embassy in Cyprus
Ambassador: Mr. Li Guobang
Address:  No.28, Archimidons Sor, Engomi Nicosia, Cyprus (P .O. Box 24531)
Tel: +357-2-2352182
Fax: +357-2-2353530

 China Embassy in Czech
Ambassador: Mr. Yu Qingtai
Address: Pelleova 18, 16000 Praha, 6-Bubenec, Prague, Czech
Tel: +420-233028800
Fax: +420-224319888
Office Hours: 08:00-12:00, 13:30-16:30, Monday-Friday (except holidays)
Consular Office
Tel: +420-224322235, 233028898 (Visa, Passport, Notarization & Authentication)
       +420-721490724, 728939951 (Consular Protection)
Fax: +420-233028845
Office Hours:08:30-11:30,15:00-16:00 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (except holidays)

 China Embassy in Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Ambassador: Mr. Liu Hongcai
Address: Kinmaul-Dong, Moranbong District, Pyongyang, D.P. R Korea
Tel: +850-2-3813116
Fax: +850-2-3813425
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, 15:00-17:30, Monday-Friday (except holidays)
Consular Districts: except the consular districts of Chinese consulate in North Korea
 Chinese Consulate in North Korea
Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Chongjin
Consular Districts: North Hamgyeong, South Hamgyeong, Ryanggang Province
Consul General: Mr. Dong Minjie
Address: Sinam District Sinamdong Chonmasan Hotel, Chongjin City, North Korea
Tel/Fax: +850-73-230401

 China Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ambassador: Mr. Wang Yingwu
Address: NO. 447, Avenue des Aviateurs, Gombe, Kinshasa, République Démocratique du Congo
Mailing: BP. 9098 Kinshasa, NO. 447, Avenue des Aviateurs, Gombe, Kinshasa, Ambassade de Chine en RDC,  
Tel: 00243-8451888
Fax: 00870763667861
Consular Office Hours: 09:00-11:30 Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
 The Economic and Comercial counsellor's office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Congo
Address: NO. 446, Avenue Colonnel Lukusa, Gombe, Kinshasa, République Démocratique du Congo 
Mailing: BP. 8451 Kinshasa, NO. 446, Avenue Colonnel Lukusa, Gombe, Kinshasa, Bureau du Conseiller Economique et Commercial de l'Ambassade de Chine en RDC
Tel: 00243-851725151
Fax: 00870764339311

 China Embassy in Denmark
Ambassador: Xie Hangsheng (Mr.)
Address: Oeregaards Alle 25, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45-39460889
Fax: +45-39625484
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, 14:00-16:30, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

Consular Office
Address: Oeregaardsvaenget 5, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45-39460877, 39460895
Fax: +45-39460878
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

 Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Denmark
Business Hours: (Monday to Friday)
Application Submission: 09:00 - 15:00
Payment and Passport Collection: 09:00 - 16:00
(Please submit your rush application before 12 o'clock noon)
Address: Classensgade 34, 2100 København Ø, Denmark
Tel: +45 70209308
Fax: +45 35250099

 China Embassy in Djibouti
Ambassador: Mr. Zhang Guoqing
Address: Rue Addis-Abeba, Lotissement Du Heron, Djibouti (B.P.2021, Djibouti)
Tel: +253-352247
Fax: +253-354833

 China Embassy in Dominica
Ambassador: Mr. Wang Zonglai
Address: Morne Daniel, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica (P.O. Box 2247)
Tel: +1-767-4490088, 4490058
Fax: +1-767-4400088
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

Consular Office
Tel: +1-767-4490080
Fax: +1-767-2751538
Office Hours: 08:30-11:30, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

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