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According to the concerned stipulation of the international consular treaty, any citizen has the right to apply for a visa to enter another country, but each sovereign state also has the right to refuse the application. Generally speaking, all countries cannot be expected to issue visas to each and every applicant (except non-visa mutually between countries), so it is not surprising that the application is being refused.

All applicants who apply for a visa to his target country hope to obtain the visa quickly, but if your visa application is rejected, please do not be offended and continuously pester the officials. The correct procedure is to calmly analyze the reason of the refusal. Maybe your credentials and materials are not ready and complete for the purpose of application or your self-condition is not full (some countries have unwritten stipulations that they will not issue a visa to unmarried young woman solely). Under this circumstance, you should try to find a solution to satisfy the condition. If the requirement can not be satisfied, the application should be temporarily halted.

After your visa is refused for the first time, you are still allowed to subsequently re-apply. Some countries (like UK) will inform the applicants in writing stating why the application has been refused and permit you to appeal to the court if you do not agree with their decision. But in the ordinary circumstances, it is very difficult to win such a case. 

 Reason for Visa Refusal

There is no uniform stipulation for the refusal of the visa issuing from one country to the next. But many sovereign states have a set list on which there are reasons why people are not allowed to enter the country. The list will be separately sent to their embassies or consulates stationed and no officials have the right to issue a visa to applicants who meet any of these criteria.

Generally, no country will issue the visa to people within the general categories of contagious patient, psychopath, drug addict, drug trafficker, prostitute, former expellee, those who harm the national security and social order, terrorist, those on forged or fake documents, those who have no safeguard for the living expense when staying abroad.

Selected Questions and Answers 

 Asked by Traveller13
Hi, I just got married and my passport is still under my maiden name, so I got an NBI clearance showing my maiden name with the single civil status but all my other supporting documents are already under my married name, will this be a reason for visa refusal? 
 Answered by Olivia
It could be. You need to submit a document that can prove you have changed your name, and the document has to be notarized by related department

 Asked by hopefultourist
Tourist visa denied, how soon can you reapply?
My visa application was denied, I want to reapply real soon, is it possible?
What if I applied again and ask travel agency for process? You see, I need to go next week, will they accept it?
 Answered by Lisa
Usually it is better to try again after three months, and make sure that all of the documents are genuine. You may try to ask a travel/visa agency to apply it for you.

Questions & Answers on Visa Refusal
  • Yet no instruction has been provided by the embassy for the "proper" way to do so. My coworker did it exactly the same as me but was approved. Please advise

    Asked By Dark muse (USA) | Jan. 11, 2017 16:17
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  • I submitted documents related to me, visiting wife's family in China. Traveling itenary including airlines tickets were presented. Consulate requested additional documents including s previous US passport which were delivered. The Consulate still denied my visa.

    I'm looking to monetary damage through legal recourse. What are my options?


    Asked By GUY RICH (United States) | Dec. 29, 2016 16:30
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  • Does the record even matter if we are just in the country on a 7 hour layover? Thank you!

    Asked By Tracy (Canada) | Oct. 26, 2016 17:17
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  • I am from singapore. With the new China regulation, people with passport issued from 2014 onwards have to provide an old passport copy as well. I have lost mine. The agent in charge of our school trip says chances are slim but haven't account to me on the final call.
    Thank you.

    Asked By Vivian (Singapore) | Aug. 22, 2016 05:21
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  • Hi. It was just Tuesday (July 12, 2016) last week when I applied for my L type. I had a great hope that the console will approve my Application because the one who received my COMPLETE DOCUMENTS did not ask me anything. So I went home. But then in the afternoon, the embassy called me, saying I should report the next day for an interview. And so I did. I went back to the embassy for the interview. I was not surprised because I have even heard before that first timers will really undergo briefing through interviews. But then this Chinese woman who interviewed me, had questions regarding my itinerary. Well, I never knew that tourists can only stay in China for no longer than 14 days, and my itinerary was detailed for 68 days.So I got the result on July 18, 2016 (Monday), my application has been denied and of course, my passport doesn't have any stamp on it.

    So does anyone here have an idea whether I can apply for another type of visa (i.e. Working type (Z), Commercial Business type (M), etc.) these days? Yes of course I should consider the documents from my employer too, if I will apply for a Z type. But the embassy said I can only re-apply after 6 months. Would that ONLY be applicable to an L type Or would it apply to any type? Please respect. Thank you.

    Asked By KARLA SURELL (Philippines) | Jul. 21, 2016 03:55
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