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After an applicant is granted a visa, they should use the time to complete any other procedures required for leaving their own country before it expires. But if you are unable to depart for the target country within that period, such as being hospitalized or other unforeseen events due to the force majeure, then you should take the related materials as proof to the embassy and consulate of your target country stationed in your own country and apply for an extension. If the expiration date is not long passed, then your application will be granted, or you will fail to get the visa extended.

In normal conditions, the applicant should arrive in and leave the target country within the period of the validity. Otherwise, your overstaying will be deemed as illegal, and you may be fined, interned or deported. However, if there are special reasons for your visa extension application, you should go to the immigrant organization in your target country and have the visa extented before it expires.

 Revoking of Visa 
If the visa issuing organization takes the visa back and cancels its validity after issuing it, then it is called visa revoking. Only the issuing organization has the right to do it. For following two reasons, the visa will be revoked: 

1. The applicant is considered not suitable to enter or transit the country; 
2. The visa is lost together with the passport.

The purpose for revoking a visa is to prevent the perpetrator use of the visa to carry out illegal activities and so on.

If the reason for visa revoking is due to loss by visa possessor, the applicant may reapply a visa. As long as the evidence is sufficient and enough material is prepared, after verification by the issuing organization, a new visa should be issued to you. If it is the issuing organization that revoked the visa, the applicant has the right to appeal, but generally the visa will not be reissued.

Selected Questions and Answers 

How to extend my visa?
My visa and work permit will expire, how can I extend my visa and what kind of document required. Please let me know. 
 Answered by Apple
You may go to the local Exit and Entry Department Division to apply for the extension.
The requirements are:
Your current residence permit;
One passport size photo;
Your current work permit;
Documents about the company or enterprise you are working for.

 Asked by Bideau Remi
Where is the fastest place to extend a visa in eastern or center China, except Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou? L visa (tourist), second extension. Suzhou, for the first extension was a nightmare, 5 days to wait. In zhongdian, yunan they do it in 20minutes
 Answered by Olivia
The normal processing time for visa extension is 4 or 5 working days. You can also apply for an express or urgent service so that you can get your visa the same day.

Questions & Answers on Visa Extension
  • I have to extend my L visa for another 30 days. What documents am I required to supply?

    Asked By Ilne (South Africa) | Jun. 23, 2019 19:49
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
  • I am in China on student visa with multiple entries.
    How many days before can we apply for visa extension before its expiry?

    Asked By Ekta (China) | Mar. 25, 2019 00:44
    1 AnswerAnswer Question

  • Asked By Xiaxia | Feb. 23, 2019 01:19
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
  • Hi guys im currently in chongqing i extend my visa for another 30 days and im wondering if i can do it again?

    Asked By Cami (Colombia) | Jan. 10, 2018 21:51
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  • A company that wanted to hire me in China was supposed to give me a Bussines or Work visa like stipulated in the contract but instead they provided me a L type.

    I can't agree a L type because it's illegal to do business or any sort of work activities In China. I stoped my contract with them and refuse to pay to 5000 rmb fee for the 1 year, multiple entree L type.

    Now they threatend me to cancel the L type and want me to work for them using the L type.

    I walked away, refuse to pay and work obviously. I have my passport with L type inside with me.

    Can they cancel my L type or can I still use it for some days until I find a solution or different job who wants to provide me a Z type.

    Because I don't want them to cancel my visa without my permission. So I don't overstay the visa to encounter more problems.

    Asked By John (France) | Apr. 06, 2016 02:28
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