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China Visa Sample
China Visa Sample
Generally, basic information on a visa  includes the type, code, the purpose of entry/departure/transit within the country, duration, valid times, issuing department, issuing location, signatures and seals by officials, issuing date and the expense. Some countries also attach a photo of the visa holder, which must be consistent with the passport photo; some others also emboss the printing and incorporate an anti-faking trademark.

 Visa Code: In order to be advantageous in both recognition and management, according to different purposes of applicants, some countries use different letters as the visa code marked on the issued visa.

 Period of Validity: It is an extremely important condition of a visa, which is imprinted on all visas. The period of validity indicates that the visa is only valid for a limited period of time, if that time limit is exceeded, the visa expires. Therefore, the applicants should leave for your target country within its valid period.

Different countries have different ways of expressing the period of validity. Mostly they use 'valid until…', 'validity', 'from…to…'or 'within…month(s)' which is entered in Arabic numerals.

 Duration: It refers to the time you are permitted to stay in your target country (region) and are expressed on the visa page as 'duration of (each) stay …days', 'from…to…' or 'with stay of … days', which is also completed in Arabic numerals.

 Valid Times:
Within the period of validity or the duration, valid times refer to how many times you may enter or leave your target country.

 Issuing Date: It is the date upon which your visa is issued so that the period of validity and duration of a visa can be documented and precisely controlled. This is also a very important date that you should bear in mind. 

 Signature and Seal: Almost all visas are signed with a handwriting signature and/or the seal of the officials concerned as a file in some related official departments. This is also a vital and necessary procedure and of great help in distinguishing whether the visa is fake or genuine.

 Visa Plus
Not all the content can be included within a fixed form of visa. Some other information, such as port of entry and departure, increase or reduction in the number of children accompanying with and so on are additional extras marked on the visa.

The special-purpose visa plus seal and the handwritten signature of the principal holder are required when dealing with the procedure of visa plus. The content of visa plus is generally for the situations below: 
(1) People who accompany with 
(2) Visa extension 
(3) Increase or reduction of people on a group visa

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