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Admission Fee: CNY 40
Cable Car: CNY 30 (Single trip); CNY 50 (Round trip)
Trolley to the Peak: CNY 20 (Single trip); CNY 30 (Round trip) 
Zip Wire plus Boat: CNY 45; Boat: CNY 10
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:00
Best Visiting Time: May to October
Location: Simatai is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, about 120 km (74.6 miles) from the city.

 Introduction: It was initially built in 1368, the first year of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), and renovated between 1568 and 1674. After a protective repair in 1987, it opened to the public in 1990. It is the only Chinese Great Wall that remains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty and is considered to be the most outstanding section for the natural appearance and the steep terrain that is difficult to access, as well as a variety of guard towers and walls. 

The wall goes up and down along the undulating mountains for 5.7 km (3.5 miles). A reservoir (Yuanyang Lake) in the bottom of the valley submerges the lower part and a guard tower of the wall and divides it into the eastern and western sections. The western section is gentle and walls and guard towers retain their original looks of 500 years ago. The eastern section rises and falls along the cliffy peaks, and the steepest part is up to 80 degrees; this section is very challenging and requiring a strong body and willpower. the wall is dotted with 34 guard towers, 16 on the eastern sections and the other 18 on the west. The towers are varied in style, especially the roofs: there are flat roofs, domes and octagonal roofs, and some styles can only be found here. Visitors are also amazed at the ingenious design of the walls. On these steep mountain ridges, there are single and double parapet walls, broad packways, crenels, barrier walls, and stone ladders.

1. Take Buses No. 980 from Dongzhimenwai Station to Miyun Bus Station, and walk across the street to take the bus or taxi;
2. For visitors planning to go to the western section to get to Jinshanling. Jinshanling Transportation

Simatai Great Wall Map
Simatai Great Wall Map

 Tour Guide: Since the wall is divided into two sections, visitors can go from two different routes, the western route and the eastern route.  

 Western Route – The western section is connected to Jinshanling, so visitors go this route can enter Jinshanling (the entrance fee of Jinshanling: CNY 40 from November to March of the next year; CNY 50 from April to October), and walk all the way to the east to the western section. The western section is not as steep as the eastern sections, but you can still see the original look of a Ming-dynasty wall, including the well-preserved battlements, parapet walls, crenels, drainage ditch, and many cultural relics, such as bricks with inscriptions, and walls carved with Kylin, a mythical animal. 

 Eastern Route – The eastern route is much more dangerous and longer. The entrance is actually a well-preserved beacon tower, and another 15 guard towers are distributed along the steep wall. The 15th tower, the Fairy Tower, is one of the most famous. The tower, like a fairy standing on a peak, was built with white marble and carved with lotuses. In front of the Fairy Tower, a steep stone ladder leads to the last tower of eastern section, Wangjing Tower. This tower stands on the top of Tiger Mountain, at an elevation of 986 meters (3,234.9 feet) above sea level. It is the highest point in the area. Standing on Wangjing Tower, you can see a full view of the distant Beijing City. 

1. Traveling on the western section, you will encounter about 30 guard towers, including the 14 towers on the western section. You will be charged two times: the first time is at the entrance of Jinshanling, and the second time is around the 22nd guard tower for the entrance fee and the toll (CNY 40 + CNY 5). At the second guard tower of the eastern section, there are cable cars to the eighth tower. When coming down, visitors can either walk or take the zip wire and then the electric-powered boat to the parking lot.
2. In consideration of visitor safety and protection to cultural reclis, the part after the 12th guard tower of the eastern section is not open to visitors.
3. As there are no shops on the wall, please take food and sufficient water.
4. Go with your friends or hire a local as your guide if you are alone. Local guides charge around CNY 50.
5. The two sections can not be finished within one day. Hotels and home inns are available here. 

June: International Gliding Festival
August: Simatai Cultural Festival
September: Great Wall Climbing Festival
In addition, visitors can enjoy the splendid red maple leaves in autumn and the snow view in winter.

 Dining: If time permits, you are recommended to have a taste of the farm-style food near the wall. Famous dishes are: stewed fish, baked corn cakes, corn porridge, stewed pumpkin, chestnuts with braised meat, and edible wild herbs.
Recommended farm houses: Longjutang Restaurant, Xinhe Wangsheng Farm House, Xiangyi Manyuan Farm House, Xiaofeng Farm House, and Minzeyuan Farm House.

Simatai Hot Spring Resort: the resort is located in the scenic area. There are the International Youth Hostel, Sima Restaurant, and a commercial street. Guest rooms at the Hostel and Youth Hotel are clean and comfortable, and most rooms have separate bathrooms. Visitors can also enjoy the farm-style dishes and have parties or camp fires at night.

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  • i want to go visit the Great wall, but i heard it is crowded in Badaling. so when will it reopen?

    Asked By David | Oct. 25, 2011 03:02
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  • Hello,

    I am going this week end , walking between Jinshanling and SImatai.
    I am planning to arrive the evening so that I could see the sun rise in the morning.
    Is there accomodation ver cheap just near the wall, at what time I could go to the wall ( before 6am to see the sunrise)? do you have tips? Thanks

    Asked By Jack | Mar. 09, 2011 03:50
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