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Shuiguan Great Wall

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Admission Fee: CNY 26 (Apr. 1 to Oct.31); CNY 20 (Nov.1 to Mar.31)
Opening Hours: 06:00 - 17:00 (Apr. 1 to Oct.31); 07:30 - 16:30 (Nov.1 to Mar.31)
Best Traveling Time: April to October
Location: Shuiguan Great Wall is located in Yanqing County, 40 kilometers (24.8 miles) northwest of the city. 

 Introduction: Actually this section is the eastern part of the Badaling. So, it is also called 'Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall'. It is intersected by the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, the first railway designed by Chinese engineer Jeme Tien Yow. First built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), it was an indispensable section of the defense system along the Great Wall. Literally, it is called Water Pass because of its location at the mouth of a deep valley and mainly functioned to defend against invaders by water. At a length of about 6.8 kilometers (4.2 miles), Shuiguan is one of the most well-preserved walls of China. As a national 4-star tourist scenic spot, it was formally opened in 1995. 

 Overview: Shaped like the character 'V', the wall all stretches along the line of the mountains. The arrow tower, which served as both a watch tower and a sluice gate, is 15 meters (50 feet) high and 12 meters (40 feet) wide. Seven enemy towers are joined in the distance with proper views. It is famous for its precipitous cliffs. Hiking along this section of the Wall, tourists can enjoy flowers blooming in spring and maple leaves all around the mountain in autumn.
A. Take bus No. 877, 919, or 880 from Deshengmen to the Badaling, then walk about 4 kilometers (2.48 miles).
B. If driving, visitors can go along the Beijing-Tibet highway, and take the Shuiguan Great Wall Exit.  

 Nearby attractions: Many famous attractions are not far, including Music-playing Gorge, Goldfish Pond, Stone Buddha Temple, Luotuo Peak (Camel Peak) and Genghis Khan Palace. At the same time, it only takes about 10 minutes' drive to Badaling, so visitors can continue their travel to Badaling and tourist spots around it such as: Longqing Gorge, Kangxi Plain, Pine Mountain, Baihe River Canyon, Badaling Wild Animal Park, Badaling Skiing Field, and Yudu Mountain.

 Accommodation: Badaling Hot-spring Hotel is recommended since it is located at the center of the nearby attractions listed above. It is a 3-star hotel which supplies lodging, dining, entertainment, conference and tourism facilities. Rates vary from CNY 300 to CNY1488 according to room category. 

Travel Tips:
A. In the past few years, some foreign tourists have been guided wrongly to Shuiguan instead of their real destination-Badaling, for the benefits of the entrance fee difference. So, be very careful of that.
B. In the scenic area, there are dangerous places that visitors should pay more attention to. It is not suitable for people with acrophobia, heart disease, hypertension or cervical vertebra disease.
C. Some of the stone steps are high and steep, so, it is not recommended to travel with children. 

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