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    Beijing Jiankou Great Wall
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Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day
Best Visiting Time: September to October
Location: Located on the mountain ridges in Xizhazi Town, Jiankou Great Wall is about 30 km (18.6 miles) northwest of Huairou County and about 100 km (62.1 miles) away from downtown Beijing. 

 Introduction: One of the most danger-ridden and spectacular Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) Great Wall sections, Jiankou, almost completely covered by various bushes and plants, is actually a wilderness, with the wall long fallen into disrepair. however, for the very same, it has a unique charm. The untouched nature attracts many visitors, winning the most space of the photo albums of the great wall. It is nestled beside the Zhenbei Tower to the east, commands a view of the Huairou Reservoir in the south, and extends towards the famous Ying Fei Dao Yang (eagle flies facing upward) Great Wall in the west, zigzagging like an arrow held in the bow, hence its name. Built mainly on perilous peaks and broken cliffs, the body of the wall is distinctively made up of huge, white dolomite slabs, while the upper battlements and towers are in blue brick. The wall and the constructions on top rise towards to the sky in an uneven and intriguing way, like a silver dragon flying in the mountains. 

 Scenic Spots: Approximately 20 km (12.4 miles) in length, Jiankou takes in many popular scenic spots on it, including the Ox Horn Edge Wall, East-West Suobolou (retracted-neck –shaped tower), Sky Stair, Ying Fei Dao Yang, Ning-Eye Tower, Beijing Knot and Wangjing Tower. Sky Stair is a 70-80 m (76.5 - 87.5 yards) long wall with a 70-degree slope, and it's only 60 cm (0.7 yards) wide in its narrowest part. Yin Fei Dao Yang is a watch tower built on an isolated mountain peak where even an eagle has to fly upward to cross it. Nine-Eye Tower is a square-shaped, two-storey building with nine arrows holes on each of the four walls. From Beijing Knot to Wangjing Tower is a section of wall without steps, with the walls on  its eastern side and dense bushes on the west. 

Jiankou Great Wall Map
Jiankou Great Wall Map

A. Take Bus No. 916 from Dongzhimen to Huairou Fangshan, and then walk straight ahead for about 20 m (21.9 yards) to the Daxingfa Supermarket where there are direct buses to the attracction departing between 10:00 and 15:00.
B. Take Bus No. 916 (Branch) from Dongzhimen to Yanxi Huaidao of Huairou, where direct buses also run between 10:00 and 15:00.
C. Take No. 916 or 916 (Branch) from Dongzhimen to Huairou, and then rent a car to the scenic spot.

 Dining: There is a large rainbow trout breeding base where visitors can fish, and let the cook prepare it for them. Visitors can also book a meal in one of the farmhouses in Xizhazi village near the attractionbefore climbing the wall. 

 Accommodation: Xizhazi village is the base camp of Jiankou. Most of the farmhouses provide guest rooms and food for the travelers. Among these, Zhao's Hostel is the most well-known. Photographers often fondly refer to is as 'Old Zhao's'. On arriving at the parking lot of Xizhazi Village,  Zhao's hostel will be found easily.

 Hiking Tour Routes:
A. The 5th group of Xizhazi Village → Jiangjun Pass (General's Pass) → Sky Stair → Ying Fei Dao Yang → Beijing Knot → Return to Xizhazi Village along the mountain pass
B. The 5th group of Xizhazi Village → Beijing Knot → Ying Fei Dao Yang → Sky Stair → Jiangjun Pass → (Jiankou Pass → Zhengbei Tower →) Return to Xizhazi Village along the mountain pass
C. The 5th group of Xizhazi Village → Jiankou → Sky Stair → Ying Fei Dao Yang → Beijing Knot → Nine-Eye Tower → Return to the 5th group of Xizhazi Village along the mountain pass
D. The 5th group of Xizhazi Village → The 2nd group of Xizhazi Village → Dongyi Tower → Zhengbei Tower → Xiao Budala → Xizhazi Village 

Warm Prompt: 
A. Jiankou has fallen into poor condition, so the walls, steps, towers and other constructions are in ruins or loose. Furthurmore, the communication system is still under development because of being far from the city. Thus, travelling alone is not advised.
B. Sports shoes with slip resistance, preferably hiking shoes, are necessary.
C. There are many junctions on the journey both up and down the wall, so intercom can be arranged to keep in contact with others.
D. Pay great attention when closing the Sky Stair, Ying Fei Dao Yang, Ning-Eye Tower, Beijing Knot and Wangjing Tower, which are the most dangerous sections of Jiankou.
E. When climbing the mountain from Wofo Mountain Resort, you can reach the Great Wall in one day; or you can spend the night near Zhengbei Tower and travel on to Mutianyu the next day.
F. Alternatively, climb the mountain from Wofo Mountain Resort directly to Ying Fei Dao Yang, then descend the mountain from Xizhazi Village. This route is a two-day journey.
G. Please note very carefully that there is no drinking water in the scenic area, therefore you will have to carry sufficient water to last you for two days if traveling by the first route. If traveling by the second route then water is available at Xizhazi Village.

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