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China Nationalities Museum (Chinese Ethnic Culture Park)

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    Ethnic Houses, China Nationalities Museum
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The China Nationalities Museum (Chinese Ethnic Culture Park) lies in the Asian Games Village in Chaoyang District, to the west of Beijing National Olympic Sports Center. It is a large ethnic and cultural theme park where a rich variety of Chinese minority groups present traditional architecture, folk customs, singing and dancing performances, handicrafts and cuisine to the public.

The construction of the Chinese Nationalities Museum started in October 1992. Now over 40 villages, over 100 sceneries, 200 ethnic houses and 2 main exhibition halls have been constructed in the park. Covering an area of around 120 acres, it hosted the exhibits and villages of 56 nationalities, among which over 100 thousand pieces of ethical relics have been well preserved and tourists can enjoy over rich ethical food and handicraft.

The whole museum is divided into North Garden and South Garden. The North Section was accomplished and opened to tourists on June 18, 1994. The South Section was opened in September 2001. There are 16 national villages in the North Garden including those of Qiang, Oroqen and Hezhe ethnic groups. There is the biggest domestic casting iron sculpture, artificial tropical banyan forest, water-eroded cave, Panlong Waterfall, rock pictures and supernatural wood of Alishan in the North Garden. There is a national museum, a sculpture square and over 20 national villages in the South Garden. All buildings adopt the proportion of 1:1.

The Chinese Nationalities Museum is a home for all nationalities in China; an encyclopedia for understanding the Chinese ethical cultures; a kaleidoscope for the Chinese people. The Chinese Nationalities Museum presents various kinds of theme exhibitions and festival ceremonies to the public. The presentation includes environment settings, architecture, and singing, dancing, and farming activities, diet and traditional handicraft. Thus, it is really an anthropological museum as well as a complex to collect, display and to study the ethnic cultures, histories and social life of the 56 nationalities in China.

While visiting the national villages, visitors can enjoy the waterfall, floating clouds and bonfire at grassland; they can take a view of the scenic spots of China without going out of Beijing; they can appreciate and participate in the song and dance, festival celebrations and customs of various nationalities, purchase the national handicraft and can also taste the delicacies of different ethnic groups personally. From various sports and performances, visitors can enjoy the distinctive culture and art of Chinese people.

Tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign guests have come here to experience the ethical customs and cultures. It is a place for both international friends and Chinese nationalities to celebrate their festivals.

 Entrance Fee: CNY 90 (Through Ticket)

A. Bus Routes: Take Bus No. 113, 839, sighseeing Bus No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and get off at Min Zu Yuan; take Bus No. 345, 55, 315, 344 (Express), 695, 670, 825, 919, 689, 909, 618 and get off at Qi Jiao Huo Zi; take Bus No. 21, 380, 409, 849, 653, get off at Xiong Mao Huan Dao, and walk north; take Bus No. 386, 658, 740, 939, 944, 944 (Branch), 656, get off at Bei Chen Bridge, and walk south.
B. Subway: Take Subway Line 10, get off at Beitucheng Station, and get out of the station from Exit B.

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