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Phone Code: 023
Postal Code: 404500
Area: 3,649 square kilometers (1,409 square miles)
Population: 1,342,100 (2009 statistics)
Nationalities: Han, Tujia, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu
Neighboring Areas: Fengjie County, Wanzhou District, Wuxi County, Kaixian County, and Lichuan City in Hubei Province
Location: Yunyang County is located in the northeastern part of Chongqing, the hinterland of the Three Gorges reservoir area. Its longitude lies between 108°24′-109°14′E and the latitude between 30°34′-31°27′N.

 Physical Features: Yunyang County lies in a the transitional area between hills and mountains in east of the Sichuan basin, so hills and mountains cover most of the area. The highest point in Yunyang is 1,809 meters (5,935 feet), while the lowest is only 139 meters. The Yangtze River flows from west to east through the county, so valleys and steep slopes can be found in the county. The Yangtze River, Tangxi River, Pengxi River, Modao Stream, and Changtan River in Yunyang cut the area into six parts. 

 Attractions: Zhangfei Temple 
2,300 years of history has left Yunyang with a large number of historical sites and cultural relics. The 1,700-year-old Zhangfei Temple houses over 1,000 historical items and cultural relics. Before the construction of the Three Gorges Project, 500 meters away from the county, Dragon Ridge Rock (Longji Rock), engraved with various style of ancient inscriptions, could be found on the Yangtze River, especially when the water level fell in winter. Now the inscriptions have been moved to the foot of Panshicheng Fortress in the county, because the original site has been submerged. In addition to Panshicheng Fortress of the South Song Dynasty, one can also see the Peng's Ancestral Temple and Peng's Old House. 

Located among rivers and mountains, Yunyang is also endowed with unique natural scenery. Primitive forest, deep serene valleys, lakes, karst caves, grassland, and steep peaks make the county an ideal destination for a leisure vacation.

 History: Yunyang has a 2,300 year history . In 314 BC, during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC - 221 BC), a county named Quren was established in the area, and was under the control of the Ba Shire. Quren County was renamed Yun'an County in 568 AD during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420 - 581 AD), and was subordinate to the Badong Shire. In 1283 AD during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368), the named was changed to Yunyang. Due to the construction of the Three Gorges Project, the county would have been submerged by rising water, so the county has now been moved to a new site, which is located about 377 km (234 miles) from downtown Chongqing, and 260 km (162 miles) from the Three Gorges Dam.

 Weather: Yunyang has a subtropical monsoon climate with plenty of sunshine, a hot summer, and a warm winter. The hottest month is August with an average temperature of 28.6°C (83.4°F), whilst January is the coldest month with temperature around 7.8°C (46°F). The yearly precipitation in the county averages 1,140.3 mm and half of it falls in summer.

1. There are regular buses from Chongqing Chaotianmen Long-distance Bus Station to Yunyang. The bus fare is around CNY 120, and the travel time is 5 hours.
2. Visitors can also take a coach from Chaotianmen Long-distance Bus Station to Wanzhou and from there take a bus to Yunyang.

 Dining and Shopping:
Hotpot and fish are popular in Yunyang, and the locals are fond of spicy food. Noodles with soybean paste, wonton, and glutinous rice cake with walnuts are also famous snacks. Visitors can find many restaurants selling local food on Yunjiang Avenue, Dayan Road, and Qinglong Road.

Tung oil, oranges, and black sesame are famous local products. Large shopping malls, chain stores and supermarkets can be found along Yunjiang Avenue.

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