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Zhangfei Temple

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Zhangfei Temple, firstly built in the Three Kingdom Period (220 - 280), has a history of over 1,700 years. It was originally located at the foot of Fengfei Mountain, and was later moved to a new site in Yunyang County. The new Zhangfei Temple is located 32 km (19.9 miles) west of the original one, facing Yunyang County across the Yangtze River.

The temple was built to commemorate a famous general of the Shu Kingdom of the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Fei. It is recorded that in the year 221, Zhang Fei was going out to do battle with the troops of the Wu Kingdom. Zhang Fei, although an excellent general, had a bad habit of always whipping his soldiers. The night before he the battle, he again whipped his soldiers. Two of them rebelled against this treatment and killed him during that night. Zhang Fei was only 55 when he died. The two soldiers cut off Zhang Fei's head and planned to defect to the Wu Kingdom. They ran off to Yunyang with Zhang Fei's head, but soon learnt that the Wu and Shu Kingdoms had made peace, and threw Zhang Fei's head into the Yangtze River. A fisherman found Zhang Fei's head and buried it at the foot of Fengfei Mountain. Local people later built a temple to commemorate the valiant general.

The new Zhangfei Temple lies against mountains and faces the Yangtze River. There are many flags bearing the Chinese character for Zhang (the surname of Zhang Fei) outside the temple. A main hall, wing halls, Taking Oath Building, Zhufeng Pavilion, and Cuckoo Pavilion are the major temple components. The buildings have white walls and overhanging roofs built of grey tiles, and most of them have been renovated many times in ancient dynasties since the temple was built. Varies construction and art styles are harmonized in the temple buildings.

In addition to the buildings, there are many precious Chinese calligraphy works to be seen. Over 800 distinct styles of painting and calligraphy works, inscribed boards, stone tablets, and couplets from the Three Kingdoms Period to the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) can be found there. Some are works of famous artists in ancient China, such as Yan Zhenqing, Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Yue Fei, and Zheng Banqiao. Visitors can also learn more about Zhang Fei and the culture of Three Kingdoms Period from the lively statues in the temple. 

 Entrance Fee: CNY 40
 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00
 Transportation: Visitors arrive by going first to Yunyang, then taking a speed boat from Yunyang Changxizi Port to Zhangfei Temple.

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