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Phone Code: 0717
Postal Code: 443600
Area: 2,427 square kilometers (937 square miles)
Population: 423,000 (2009 statistics)
Nationalities: Han
Neighboring Areas: Yichang, Changyang, and Badong County in Chongqing
Location: Zigui County was originally located on the banks of Xiling Gorge, in the west of Hubei Province. The new site of the county is only 1 km (0.6 miles) from the Three Gorges Dam and 40 km (24.9 miles) from Yichang City.

 Physical Features: Zigui lies among the Daba, Wushan and Bamian Mountains. The Yangtze River divides it into the southern and northern parts, therefore forming the unique Three Gorges landform. The terrain of the county is a basin shape with mountains covering the surroundings and a low central area. The highest point in the county is 2,057 meters (6,749 feet) above sea level in the south of the county, while the lowest point is 40 meters (131 feet) above sea level at the mouth of the Maoping River. 

 Attractions: Quyuan Temple 
The most famous attraction in Zigui is the Xiling Gorge, which is known as the longest among the Three Gorges and famous for the limpid water, beautiful landscape along riverside, and mysterious ancient hanging coffins. As the hometown of Qu Yuan, the famous patriotic poet of the Warring States Period, it is also famous for the Quyuan Temple. In addition, there are the Jiuwanxi Stream Scenic Area where visitors can experience exciting rafting, the Phoenix Mountain which is the best place to overlook the scenery of Three Gorges Dam, and the outdoor train base Sixi Stream Scenic Area. 

 History: Early in the Shang Dynasty (17th - 11th Century BC), Zigui was the ancient Gui Kingdom. It was called Gui County at the end of the Warring States Period (476BC - 221BC). During the West Han Dynasty (206BC - 24AD) Zigui County was established. In the dynasties that followed, the name and administrative level were changed for several times, untill 1914 when it was renamed Zigui County. During the construction of Three Gorges Project, the county had been moved 37 km (22.9 miles) eastward to the new site which is only 1 km (0.6 miles) from the Three Gorges Dam.

 Weather: Zigui has a subtropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of over 10°C (50°F). The coldest month has an average temperature of 6.5°C (43.7°F).

1. Visitors can take a bus from Yichang Long-distance Bus Station or Haitong Long-distance Bus Station to Zigui. The bus trip only takes 1 hour and the cost is CNY 18.
2. If you are in Chongqing, you can take a speed ship or bus to Yichang first, then a bus to Zigui.
3. If time permits, you may take a Yangtze River cruise ship from Chongqing and cruise downstream to Zigui. In this case, you could enjoy the picturesque scenery along the Yangtze River.

 Dining and Shopping:
Zigui tea, navel orange, tobacco, Chinese chestnut, and Ziyuan dried rabbit are the local products. As the home of the navel orange in China, Zigui has the best in the country. 

Shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, and the restaurants of local food can be found on Pinghu Avenue and Quyuan Road.

 Zigui Culture
As the hometown of Qu Yuan, Zigui is famous for the culture of Qu Yuan and Dragon Boat Festival. In order to commemorate Qu Yuan, the Chinese people start to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. The tradition of the festival in Zigui started from the Warring States Period, and has continued to present day. The Dragon Boat Festival is on the 5th day of May in Chinese lunar calendar, however, people in Zigui spend 20 days celebrating the festival from the 5th to 25th of May in lunar calendar. The local people begin to prepare for the festival from the end of April in lunar calendar. They clean their houses, prepare the food during the festival, and mend dragon boats. On 5th May in lunar calendar, people make Zongzi (glutinous rice wrapped in a pyramid shape using bamboo or reed leaves), boil eggs, eat garlic, drink realgar liquor, and hang mugwort in front of the doors. On 15th May in lunar calendar, family members will get together to enjoy delicious meals. During this period, the most exciting parts are dragon boat races, throwing Zongzi into the River, and activities in poem clubs. The celebration will last to 25th May in lunar calendar.

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    We are overnighting to Wanzhou from Chengdu
    Then bus to Fengjie, then hydofoil to Badong
    Overnight in Badong, with Shennon stream side trip (hopefully)
    Then we are catching the hydrofoil and getting of at the Port of Zuigi (I think)
    We would then like to maybe go to 3 gorges scenic area (Tanzi mountain, 185 platform, etc)
    Then travel into Yichang and overnight at 3 gorges Xiba hotel
    Then train to Wuhan the next day for overnight train to Guilin
    Any help with this would be great as we can find next to no information online except for 3 or 4 day cruises
    We are independent and wish to do this without guides/tours/etc

    Help please
    Glen (Australia)

    Asked By Glen (Australia) | Jul. 08, 2013 20:41
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  • Distance from the Three Gorges dam in fishing banning area

    currently I am studying in Wuhan.

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