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Xiling Gorge

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  • Xiling Gorge, Yangtze River
    Xiling Gorge, Yangtze River
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    Xiling Gorge at Dawn
  • Xiling Gorge Tour
    Xiling Gorge Tour
  • Yangtze Xiling Gorge
    Yangtze Xiling Gorge
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Being the longest gorge among the Three Gorges of Yangtze River, Xiling Gorge stretches for 76 km (47.2 miles) from Fragrance Stream in Zigui to Nanjin Pass in Yichang. The gorge got its name from Xiling Mountain at the Nanjin Pass. Once infamous due to dangerous shoals, rapid currents and reefs, it is now limpid and tranquil with a beautiful landscape along the riverside following years of improvement to the waterway and the construction of the Gezhouba Dam. 

Since ancient times, Xiling Gorge was infamous owing to the dangerous Xietan, Qingtan, and Konglingtan shoals, reefs and rapid current. Many ships ran onto rocks and sank on this stretch of the river. On the northern bank of Qingtan Shoal, there once was a "skeleton tower", in which the skeletons of the crews from the wrecked ships were piled. When the Gezhouba Water Control Project was completed,  the water level rose, eliminating these shoals and now ships can navigate the gorge safely. Although the notorious shoals are gone, you can still see many attractions in Xiling Gorge, including Huangling Temple, Fragrance StreamNanjin Pass, Yellow Ox Gorge, and Shadow Play Gorge & Military Books and Precious Sword Gorge.

The gorge is divided into 4 sections, known as the Fragrance Stream Valley, Xiling Gorge Upstream Valley, Miaonan Valley, and Xiling Gorge Downstream Valley. There are three famous cities and counties along the riverside of Xiling Gorge: Badong County, the home to ancient Ba culture; Zigui, which was the hometown of the famous poet Qu Yuan (340 BC - 278 BC); and Yichang, where the important Three Gorges Project and the Gezhouba Water Control Project are located.


Yangtze River Xiling Gorge

Located in the Subtropical Monsoon Wet Climatic Zone, Xiling Gorge has a pleasant climate with sufficient rainfall and an average temperature of 17°C (62.6°F). Even in cold winter, the temperature in the area is higher than that of the cities at the same latitude, like Wuhan. 

 The best time to visit the gorge is from March to May.

 Xiling Gorge Tour
 Downstream: During a downstream Yangtze Cruise tour, a cruise ship usually sails along the Xiling Gorge at night and arrives at the Three Gorges Dam in the morning. Visitors will disembark and take an excursion to the dam, and embark again to continue the cruise tour.

 Upstream: The ship sets off in the early morning from Yichang, and visitors will disembark to visit the Three Gorges Dam and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xiling Gorge in daytime.

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