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 Introduction: Hundreds of flights from/ to Shenzhen through the over 140 air routes opened by Baoan International Airport connect the city with over 100 domestic and foreign cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Haikou, Sanya, Guilin, Lijiang, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfort, Seoul, Sydney and Hanoi.

 Shenzhen Flight Schedules/Tickets: Hereunder is the list of partial flights to some of the major Chinese cities and foreign cities, included with their durations and ticket fares. For more detailed information, please use the searching tool above!

 Domestic Flights to Other Major Chinese Cities: 

Air Route Duration Full Air Fare (Economy Class)
Shenzhen-Beijing Around 3 H CNY1,750
Shenzhen-Shanghai Around 2 H CNY1,400
Shenzhen-Xian Around 3 H CNY1,630
Shenzhen-Haikou Around 1 H CNY690
Shenzhen-Sanya Around 1.5 H CNY890
Shenzhen-Guilin Around 1 H CNY660
Shenzhen-Zhangjiajie Around 1.5 H CNY850
Shenzhen-Wuhan Around 1.5 H CNY980
Shenzhen-Zhengzhou Around 2.5 H CNY1,410
Shenzhen-Changsha Around 1 H CNY730
Shenzhen-Luoyang Around 2.5 H CNY1,330
Shenzhen-Chengdu Around 2.5 H CNY1,410
Shenzhen-Chongqing Around 2 H CNY1,280
Shenzhen-Lijiang Around 4 H with a stopover at Kunming CNY1,630
Shenzhen-Kunming Around 2.5 H CNY1,240
Shenzhen-Shijiazhuang Around 2.5 H CNY1,510
Shenzhen-Hohhot Around 3 H CNY1,980
Shenzhen-Tianjin Around 3 H CNY1,850
Shenzhen-Taiyuan Around 3 H CNY1,550
Shenzhen-Xiamen Around 1 H CNY790
Shenzhen-Jingdezhen Around 1.5 H CNY850
Shenzhen-Hangzhou Around 2 H CNY1,260
Shenzhen-Nanjing Around 2 H CNY1,380
Shenzhen-Fuzhou Around 1.5 H CNY990
Shenzhen-Jinan Around 3 H CNY1,700
Shenzhen-Qingdao Around 3 H CNY1,830
Shenzhen-Yantai Around 3 H CNY1,850
Shenzhen-Dalian Around 3 H CNY2,040
Shenzhen-Shenyang Around 3.5 H CNY2,280
Shenzhen-Changchun Around 5.5 H with a stopover at Jinan CNY2,490
Shenzhen-Harbin Around 4 H CNY2,460
Shenzhen-Urumqi Around 5.5 H CNY2,840
Shenzhen-Lanzhou Around 3.5 H CNY1,960
Shenzhen-Baotou Around 5 H with a stopover at Shijiazhuang CNY2,030

 International Flights to Other World Destinations:

Air Route Duration Operating Time
Shenzhen-Taipei Around 1.5 H Daily
Shenzhen-Singapore Around 4 H Daily
Shenzhen-Seoul Around 4 H Daily
Shenzhen-Tokyo 10-12 H with a stopover at Beijing or Shanghai Daily
Shenzhen-Osaka 7-11 H with a stopover at Beijing or Shanghai Daily
Shenzhen-Ho Chi Minh 12-14 H with a stopover at Beijing Saturday and Sunday
Shenzhen-Sydney 17-19 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Shenzhen-Frankfort 16-19 H with a stopover at Beijing Daily
Shenzhen-Kuala Lumpur 12-30 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Shenzhen-Bangkok 10-12 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Shenzhen-New Delhi 15-29 H with a stopover at Shanghai Daily
Shenzhen-Dubai 18-34 H with a stopover at Beijing Monday, Thurday, Friday & Sunday

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