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Phone Code: 0755
Postal Code: 518000
Area: 2,020 Sq km (779.9 Sq miles)
Population: 14.5 million (in 2010)
Nationalities: Han, Hui, and Manchu
Neighboring Areas: Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, and Hainan Provinces; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hong Kong and Macao
Location: On the east bank of the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen borders Dongguan City and Huizhou City in the north, neighbors Hong Kong to the south, gets to Dayawan to the east, and faces Zhongshan City and Zhuhai City to the west.

 Physical Features: The terrain of the city is mostly made up of low hills and gentle terraces stretching from southeast to northwest and occupying 78% of the entire area. The north and northeast are mostly mountains and hills, rich in forest resources. The west is a coastal plain with abundant sea products.

 History: With over 1600 years of history, Shenzhen originated from the Bao’an County of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 - 420). It was approved as a special economic zone on Aug. 26, 1980. Through over 30 years’ development, it has grown from  a small frontier town to become one of the world's great metropolises. It is now China’s premier port city with the largest number of ports, exit-entry passengers and vehicle flow.

 Attractions: When traveling to Shenzhen, the overseas Chinese town scenic area is a must see, gathering traditional Chinese culture, Chinese folk culture and the best of world culture together. The most popular, Window of the World, is a galaxy of 130 world famous wonders, and the Splendid China and Chinese Folk Culture Villages are miniatures of China’s history and culture. There is also 9.6 million Sq km (3,706,563.7 Sq miles) of beautiful landscape. Happy Valley is a modern theme park blending participation, appreciation and entertainment and interest. Additionally, the coastal scenery is also worth visiting, including the Dameisha & Xiaomeisha Scenic Area, Minsk World, Overseas Chinese Town East, Shenzhen Safari Park, Xiaomeisha Sea World and Xili Lake Resort.

 Air: Shenzhen Bao’an Airport is the fourth largest airport in China, with water, land and air transport easily accessible. It has about 107 air routes to over 80 international and domestic cities and regions.
 Ferry: There are about 12 ports in the city, including Shekou, Yantian, Shekou, Chiwan and Meisha. At Bso'an Airport, a special port has been built for passengers traveling to and from Hong Kong.
 Train: Also known as Luohu Railway Station, Shenzhen Railway Station is close to Luohu Port. There are more than 50 bullet trains to Guangzhou daily, taking about 1 hour and 6 minutes each way.
 Subway: According to current plans, there will soon be a total of 12 subway linesin the city. At present, Shenzhen subway Luobao line (Luohu-Shenzhen Airport East), Shekou line (Chiwan-Xinxiu), Longgang line (Yitian-Shuanglong), Longhua line (Futian Port-Qinghu) and Huanzhong Line (Qianhaiwan-Huangbeiling) are in operation.
 Bus: There are over 40 long-distance bus stations operating buses between the towns and counties within the city, and buses to neighboring cities as well as some distant cities in China. It also has a well-developed in-city bus system with over 500 bus routes.
 Taxi: Taxis in the city are red, yellow or green. The red taxis only operate in Bao’an and Longgang districts with a flag-down fare of CNY6 and additional CNY2.4 per km after 1.5km (0.9 miles). The minimum fare for the red and yellow taxis are both CNY10 for the first 2 km (1.2 miles), and then another CNY0.6 every 250 m (273.4 yards). The fuel surcharge is CNY2 per journey.

 Weather: Shenzhen has a long, but cool, summer lasting for 6 months from late April until the end of October. Generally speaking, Shenzhen is a year-round travel destination with August and September being the best time to visit.

 Dining and Shopping 
Located so close to HK, Shenzhen, a special economic zone of China, is a flourishing city where there are over one-thousand retail stores and shops of all sizes distributed everywhere like stars in the sky. they range from high-class shopping malls at Renminnan to convenience stores at Huaqiangbei. Dongmen Pedestrian Street and Futian shopping Center are also good shopping areas. Although having no special products, they are good places for visitors to shop for electrical appliances, fashionable clothing, jewelry and seafood.

Local food is mostly Guangdong Cuisine, but you can also enjoy other Chinese cuisines and even world-famous food in the city, since it is a city of immigration. Centering on Huangqian North Road, Huafa North Road, Zhenhua Road and Zhenxing Road, there are many food areas, including Huaqianbei, Dongmen Street, Bagua Road and Nanyuan Road.

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