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 China City Flights
Not all airports in China have opened international fights, so please seek confirmation that there are air routes connecting your destinations before planning your itinerary. Large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian and Shenzhen are usually reachable by air. You can search the schedule through the above tool and book the air tickets through our online ticket center.

Beijing Flights  Shanghai Guangzhou Xian Guilin
Chengdu Chongqing Hangzhou Harbin Hong Kong
Kunming Nanjing Sanya Shenzhen

Traveling by air is fast and convenient. For most international travelers, traveling by air is the only choice, but it could also save time and money if the itineraries are well-designed. Here are some tips on traveling by air in China based on the frequently asked questions in the hope that every visitor would have a smooth and comfortable trip.

 Get A Cheaper Airfare 
 Be an Early Bird; remember that early bird catches the warm. You will get a good discount if you book you air ticket in advance. The earlier you submit your order, the cheaper the ticket should be. Some airlines will discount at least 50% for the passengers who book tickets 45 days or more prior to their departure date, but this may not happen during the Chinese holidays or the “Golden Weeks”.
 Avoid the Peak Seasons: The airlines usually offer a larger discount during off-peak seasons (such as March, April, November and December for Chinese domestic flights), plus most Chinese people choose to go back to their hometown or go out for traveling during holidays, especially during the Spring Festival (January to February), the Chinese National Day Holiday (October 1st – 7th) and the May Day Holiday (May 1st – 3rd). Some air companies also provide cheap tickets for weekdays. 
 Choose Connecting Flights: A trip with a stopover or taking a transit on the way costs less than the through ones, for example, the airfare for non-stop flights from Los Angeles to Beijing averages $ 3,000, but that with one stop could be $ 700 – 1,000. At most airports, there is clear guidance for transit procedures.
 Fly to Nearby Cities: You can fly to a nearby city rather than directly to your destination, and then get to your destination by other transportation means. For instance, if you plan to visit Hong Kong from Xian, the airfare is CNY 1,400 – 1,900 if you fly to Hong Kong, but that is around CNY 1,200 if you fly to Shenzhen. The cost of a transfer from Shenzhen to Hong Kong is not more than CNY 100.

 Travel Documents:
Please make sure you take all the required travel documents, such as you air tickets, passport and visa to the destination (if you are required to have one). International passengers are exempt from the transit visa if they transit in Chinese airports and stay within the airport for not more than 24 hours. Passengers from some countries are free of transit visa if they transit in Shanghai for not more than 48 hours. For detailed information please refer to Chinese Embassy

 Luggage Allowance
The airlines have specific regulations on the maximum weight and size of the free consigned and carry-on luggage. For international passengers, some items are not allowed to be brought into China. Please check the detailed information at Baggage Allowance and Entry Regulation. Remember too that there are some products, such as items made of ivory or other animal parts that can be purchased in China that may not be admissible back in your own country – always check so as to avoid disappointment or unnecessary expense.

 Q & A: Questions and answers on China flights, such as the air routes between two cities, cheapest air tickets, or luggage allowance. You can just post your questions here and wait for a satisfying answer.

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