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Beijing Capital International Airport

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Airport Code: PEK (IATA)
Zip Code: 100621
Airport Inquiry Tel: 010-64541111 & 010-64541100

Located in Shunyi District, Beijing Capital International Airport is about 25.35 km (14 miles) northeast from the Tiananmen Square, center of the city. It is not only a window for international communication, but also a radial center of China domestic civil aviation, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.

Under the administrative control of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), it was officially opened on March 2nd 1958, and was expanded twice in 1980 and 1999, with the development of civil aviation business and the increasing volume of passenger and cargo transportation, it was expanded in large scale. At present, 66 domestic and foreign airline companies are participating in the operational business, including 11 domestic companies and 55 foreign companies. More than 5,000 scheduled flights are available to 88 cities in China and 69 cities abroad. See Beijing Flight Schedules

Beijing Capital Airport owns three terminals Terminal 1 especially for the domestic flights of Hainan Airlines Group (HNA Group), Terminal 2 mainly for the international flights of China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Chongqing Airlines and Hainan Airlines, as well as Terminal 3 also for the international flights of Air China, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Star Alliance.

 Terminal 1: Opened on 1st January in 1980, it takes and an area of 60,000 square meters (15 acres), having 10 gates in total. It was the only terminal of the airport until in 1999 when Terminal 2 was opened. There after, it was closed twice in 1999 until 2004, and then in 2008 for renovation. It now can serve 60 flights daily and 1,500 passengers at peak hours, with auxiliary facilities of the 4E standards required by International Civil Aviation Organization.

 Terminal 2: Opened on November 01st in 1999, it covers an area of 336,000 square meters (83 acres), equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Terminal 2 is able to handle 26,500,000 passengers yearly and 9,210 passengers at peak hours. It serves for both domestic and international flights. 

 Terminal 3: Put into use on 29th and 26th February in 2008 at two phases, it is one of the world's largest enclosed spaces (20 percent larger than London Heathrow Airport's five terminals combined), designed to handle an estimated 50 million visitors a year. It is also the first terminal owing three terminal buildings, two towers and three runways in China.

Since August 17, 2012 railway tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth in Beijing Capital International Airport. The rail ticket booth is located near the EXIT 9 of arrival hall on the 1st floor of T2, and another ticket booth was newly opened at the Counter No.22 of L Check-in Area in the Departure Hall on the 4th floor of T3 in November, 2012. Travelers can book pre-sale tickets within 10 days at the booths. The business hours of the booths are between 07:00 and 00:00 at midnight.

Domestic Departure, Beijing Capital Airport T3
Beijing Capital Airport T3
(Domestic Departure)
International Departure, Beijing Capital Airport T3
Beijing Capital Airport T3
(International Departure)


 Getting Around the Airport: There are free ferry buses between terminals. They run every 10 minutes from 06:00 to 23:00 and every 30 minutes from 23:00 to 06:00 of the next morning. The route is Gate 5 F1 of T.3 -> Departure floor of T2 -> Departure floor of T1 -> Gate 11 of Arrival floor of T2 -> Gate 5 Arrival floor of T1 -> Departure floor of T3 ->Gate 5 of Arrival floor of T3. 

Beijing Capital Airport Shuttle Bus
Beijing Capital Airport Shuttle Bus
 Getting to the Airport
 Airport Shuttle: There are airport shuttles to Xidan, Beijing Railway Station, Gongzhufen Fangzhuang, Zhongguancun, Wangjing, Beijing West Railway Station and Shangdi, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe and Tianjin. The Ticket Offices are located at Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1 of Terminal 1, Gate No. 9 to No.11 (outside) on F1 of Terminal 2 and exit of Zone A, opposite of the exit of Zone C on F2; next to Gate5 , 7 & 11 on F1 of Terminal 3. Airport Shuttle Service number: 010-64594375/76. Go to Beijing Bus-Subway Search

 Airport Express: There are airport expresses at B2 of Parking Garage No. 2 of Terminal 2 and F2 of Parking Garage No. 3 of Terminal 3 every 15 minutes from 06:35 to 23:10 daily, which stop at Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao on the way. It costs CNY 25 per person for a single way.

 Taxis: There are taxi stops at the airport, located at outside Gate 3 to 5 on F1 of Terminal 1, Outside Gate 3 to 7 on F1of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The minimum charge is RMB 10 (RMB 11 from 23:00pm to 5:00am) covering the first 3km. The rest will be charged at RMB 2/km; Additional 50% (70% from 23:00pm to 5:00am)of the total fee will be charged as an allowance for the return trip if the single trip has exceeded 15km. 

The airport provides hotel enquiry service for passengers at the Eastern and Western Domestic Luggage Halls on F2 of T3A, the international Luggage Hall on F2 of TA3 and the Arrival Halls on F2 of T3A. There are a few hotels near the airport, including Hilton Beijing Capital Airport, Airport Garden Hotel, Capital Airport Hotel, Jinglin Hotel, Sino-Swiss Hotel and Huanyu Jinghang Hotel.

 Other Airport in Beijing: Beijing Nanyuan Airport

Questions & Answers on Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Flying into Beijing on Hainan Airlines with a next day onward flight to Xining. Some sites say that airlines will put you up for free in a hotel for long transfers. Has anyone done this or know how it works ?

    Asked By Bradney Thomas (USA) | Jun. 13, 2017 11:43
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  • my travel agent told me i can get (10 hours) in airport transit accommodation for my 87 year father whom i am full time carer for.Is this right n how do i get it? Traveling July and September. thank you Constantina from Sydney.

    Asked By constantina katsantonis (Australia) | Mar. 08, 2015 23:18
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  • The terminal appeared to be unheated, it was 38 degrees outside, there were about 40 seats in terminal 2 ,if you wanted to sit you sat on the floor,the exchange rate was 12 dollars back for 20 dollars exchanged, Chinese men were assaulting one of the agents,gambling in the other end of the terminal. All ignored by the police .We were told that if we left the terminal we would be arrested and detained. Recommend that no one fly thru Beijing unless you like being ignored.

    Asked By Tom Riddle (USA) | Nov. 23, 2012 07:51
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  • i arrive in 15th Jan at 23.15 and leave 16th 11.55 need accomadation thats nearest for my terminal

    Asked By sue | Nov. 19, 2012 14:04
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  • My flight from Almaty with AirAstana Airlines arrives at 23:00 to Terminal 2, then I fly to Singapore at 02:20 from Terminal 3.

    - How should I transfer from T2 to T3?
    - Do I need to apply China Visa?
    - is 2:20 hours enough for international transit?

    Asked By chon (Kazakhstan) | Nov. 16, 2012 12:48
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