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Usage of the Searching Tool Above 

A Bus Stop in Beijing
A Bus Stop in Beijing
1. It can be used to search all of the bus and subway routes in Beijing City, partial of the buses to suburban Beijing such as 919 to Badaling, as well as the airport shuttle buses of the Capital International Airport. 
2. The bus/subway transport to the major hotels are also collected and added to our data base, such as Subway Line 1 and Bus No.s 103 (trolley), 104 (trolley), 10, 120, 126, 1, 20, 37, 41, 420, 52 to Beijing Hotel.
3. Most of the bus routes are named with Arabic numbers for the convenience of management. In general, they are divided into the following categories:
Bus No.s 1-99 run within the 3rd Ring Road;
No.s 100-199 are trolleys, running within the 2nd Ring Road;
No.s 200-299 are night routes, operation between 23:00 to 05:00 of the next day;
No.s 300-699 run between the downtown area and the suburb;
No.s 700-799 run for a long distance, some of which are charged by distance;
No.s begin with 8 or 9 are lines to the outer suburbs of Beijing
4. Almost all of the bus stops were given the names from their nearby symbolic buildings or architectures, roads especially crossroads, scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and so on. However, there may be several bus stops set around the same building or road. Take the well-known Tiananmen for example, there are altogether four stops distributed its east and west, namely, Tiananmen East, Tiananmen Square East, Tiananmen West and Tiananmen Square West.
5. To decrease the translation difference between Chinese and English, the Chinese Pinyin of the bus stops enjoys a priority in our searching system.

Popular Beijing Buses and Subway Lines for Tourists
 Bus Routes

Bus No. Separture Station Attractions along the Way
916 (Branch) Dongzhimen Bus Station Mutianyu, Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area
919 Deshengmen Minghuang Wax Palace, Prince Pingxi's Palace, Badaling, Juyonguan
925 Deshengmen Minghuang Wax Palace, Ming Tombs
931 Pingguoyuan Jietai Temple, Tanzhe Temple
936 (Branch) Dongzhimen Bus Station Qinglong Gorge, Hongluo Temple, Yanqi Lake, Lakeview Water Park
937 Branch Line 2 Nanlishi Road Beijing Wildlife Park
643 Tiantongyuan North Subway Station Mangshan National Forest Park, Ming-Tomb Reservoir, Jiulong Amusement Park

Bus Routes at Beijing Tourism Bus Dispatch Centers

 Subway Lines 

Subway Line Attractions or Transportation Centers along the Way
Line 1 Military Museum, Tiananmen Square, Pingguoyuan
Line 2 Qianmen, Beijing Railway Station, Dongzhimen, Xizhimen
Line 4 Beijing South Railway Station, Taoranting Park, Xizhimen, Beijing Zoo, National Library, Old Summer Palace, Summer Palace
Line 5 Yongle Lamasery, Temple of Heaven
Line 8 Forest Park, Olympic Park, Olympic Sports Center
Line 9 West Railway Station
Line 10 China Agriculture Exhibition Center
Line 13 Xizhimen, Dongzhimen
Line 15 China International Exhibition Center
Changping Line Life Science Park
Yizhuang Line Yizhuang Cultural Park
Airport Express Dongzhimen, Beijing Capital Airport

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