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Beijing Capital Airport Express

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Beijing capital airport express is a subway passenger line that runs for 28.1 km (17.5 miles), connecting Beijing Capital International Airport with Dongzhimen Transport Hub. It opened in July, 2008, with only four stations: Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao as well as T2 & T3 of capital airport. An one way trip is about 18 minutes reaching a maximum speed of 110 km per hour (68.4 miles/hour) 

T3 of Capital Airport→T2 →Sanyuanqiao→Dongzhimen
Dongzhimen→Sanyuanqiao→T3 →T2


Station To Downtown Beijing To Beijing Capital Airport
First Train Last train First Train Last train
Dongzhimen ... ... 06:00 22:30
Sanyuanqiao 06:52 23:27 06:04 22:34
T3 06:21 22:51 ... ...
T2 06:35 23:10 ... ...

 Intervals: There is a train every 10 minutes between 09:30 and 12:30 and from 16:00 to 18:40. The waiting interval between trains is 12 minutes.

 Tickets: CNY25 per person
Visitors can buy a ticket from the ticket windows or ticket vending machines at the subway stations. Please do keep the ticket with you after entering the station because you still have to swipe the ticket through the machine when exiting the station. The Beijing Transportation Card can also be used for this train. 

Please Note: This ticket is only used for airport express. If you transfer to other Beijing subway lines from the two transfer stations Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao, you will have to buy a new ticket which costs only CNY2.

 Location of the Stations at Capital Airport: B2 of Parking Garage No. 2 of Terminal 2 & F2 of Parking Garage No. 3 of Terminal 3. When the train arrives at the T3 station, please exit from the Exit at the northeast of the station to reach the passenger center. Then walk along a corridor to Terminal building 3. At both sides of the corridor two passages link the departure section of T3. Thus passengers are able to reach the check-in counter within 5 minutes from the subway station. Another passage at the middle section of the corridor links the arrival section of T3, which enables passengers companies leave the airport directly.  

 Transfer Stations
Dongzhimen: At this station, passengers may transfer to Beijing Subway Line 2 & Line 13. There are also dozens of city buses outside of this station, such as Bus No. 107, 106, 24, 635, 416, 418, 413, 966, 627, 359, 823, 44 & 800.

Sanyuanqiao: Passengers can change to Beijing Subway Line 10 from this station. City buses outside of this station are Bus No. 614, 916, 936, 967, 915, 359, 401, 404, 954, 970 & 957 (Branch).

Questions & Answers on Beijing Capital Airport Express
  • Please provide map of stations
    Please provide cost
    Please how much walking involved

    Asked By Campbell Wright (Australia) | Dec. 23, 2018 02:01
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  • We are coming to Beijing on 16 August and want to know the cost of the following two trips:

    Airport Express from Terminal 3 to Dongzhimen station


    Cost from Dongzhimen Station (Line 2) to Chong Wen Men station

    Many thanks - we just want to know exactly what we are doing when we get there, as it is a first time for us New Zealanders.

    Asked By Bev Brenssell (New Zealand) | May. 03, 2013 05:35
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