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According to the long-term planning of Xian Municipal Government, there will be 6 subway lines in Xian, with a total length of 251.8 km (156.5 miles). At present, the first phase of Subway Line 2 from the North Railway Station to Exhibition Center has been put into use. The second phase of Line 2, Line 1 and Line 3 have been under construction, and Line 4, 5, and 6 will also be constructed in the near future. After completion, Xian subway network will cover 52 of the 61 main passenger distribution points of the city, and will carry about 25% of the passengers in the city. Go to Xian Subway Map.

 Logo of Xian Subway: Adopting the shape of Xian City Wall, the logo of Xian subway is square outside shaped like the battlement of the city wall and round inside shaped like the gate of the city wall. As a whole, it forms a letter 'M' which is the charismatic sign of subway worldwide. Red and white, two quite dissimilar colors, are used in the logo to make it stand out. 

 Line 1 (under construction): Line 1: Houweizhai ←→ Sanqiao ←→ Zaohe ←→ Zaoyuan ←→ Shuangcheng Rd. ←→ Kaiyuanmen ←→  Laodong Rd. ←→ Yuxiangmen ←→ Sajinqiao ←→ North Avenue ←→ Wulukou ←→ Chaoyangmen ←→ Kangfu Rd. ←→ Tonghuamen ←→ Wanshou Rd. ←→  Changlepo ←→ Chanhe ←→ Banpo ←→ Textile City
Length: 23.9 km (14.9 miles)
Number of Stations: 19
Transfer Stations: Sanqiao, North Avenue, Wulukou, Tonghuamen, Textile City 

 Line 2: North Railway Station ←→ Beiyuan ←→ City Sports Park ←→ Administration Center ←→ Fengcheng 5th Rd. ←→ Xian Library ←→ Daming Palace West ←→ Longshoyuan ←→ Anyuanmen ←→ North Avenue ←→ Bell Tower ←→ Yongningmen ←→ Nanshaomen ←→ Provincial Stadium ←→ Xiaozhai ←→ Weiyi Street ←→ Exhibition Center ...... Sanyao ...... Fengqiyuan ...... Space City ...... Weiqu South (the last four stations are under construction) 
Length: 26.4 km (16.4 miles)
Number of Stations: 21
Transfer Stations: Administration Center, North Avenue, Bell Tower, Xiaozhai, Exhibition Center 

 Line 3 (under construction): Yuhuazhai ←→ Zhangba North Rd. ←→ Yanpingmen ←→ Keji Rd. ←→ Taibai South Rd. ←→ Jixiang Village ←→ Xiaozhai ←→ Big Wild Goose Pagoda ←→ Beichitou ←→ Green Dragon Temple ←→ Jiangong Rd. ←→ Xianning Rd. ←→ Hansenzhai ←→ Tonghuamen ←→ Hujiamiao ←→ Shijiajie ←→ Xinjiamiao ←→ Guangyuntan ←→ Chanba ←→ Xianghuwan ←→ Xiangbei Rd. ←→ Gangwu South Rd. ←→ Xiashuangzhai ←→ Xinzhu ←→ Xi'an International Port District
Length: 39.15 km (24.3 miles)
Number of Stations: 25
Transfer Stations: Keji Rd., Jixiang Village, Xiaozhai, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xianning Road, Tonghuamen, Xianghuwan 

 Line 4 (under planning): Shangji Rd. ←→ Xian North Railway Station North ←→ Shangxin Rd. ←→ Fengcheng 12th Rd. ←→ Wenjing Rd. ←→ Administration Center ←→ Fengxin Rd. ←→ Changqing Rd. ←→ Baihua Village ←→ Caojiamiao ←→ Xuanwu Rd. ←→ Daming Palace ←→ Hanyuan Rd. ←→ Xian Railway Station ←→ Wulukou ←→ Dachaishi ←→ Hepingmen ←→ Lijiacun ←→ Houcun ←→ Big Wild Goose Pagoda North ←→ Tang Paradise ←→ Yannan 4th Rd. ←→ Jinfutuo ←→ Space Avenue ←→ East Chang'an Avenue ←→ Shenzhou Avenue ←→ Space East Rd.
Length: 35.2 km (21.9 miles)
Number of Stations: 28
Transfer Stations: Administration Center, Wulukou, Dachaishi, Tang Paradise, Yannan 4th Rd. 

 Line 5 (under planning): Textile City Railway Station ←→ Yuedengge ←→ Changming Rd. ←→ Rongjiazhai ←→ Yuejiazhai ←→ East Qujiang Pool ←→ Lovers' Rd. ←→ Yannan Rd. ←→ Exhibition Center ←→ Mingdemen ←→ Dongyi Rd. ←→ Qingsong Rd. ←→ Jixiang Village ←→ Taibai Rd. ←→ Huangyan Village ←→ Ladong South Rd. ←→ Gaoxin 4th Rd. ←→ Shuangcheng South Rd. ←→ Xiyaotou ←→ Afang 1st Rd. ←→ Afang 3rd Rd. ←→ Sanqiao ←→ Sunwu Rd. ←→ Liucunbu
Branch Line: Xiyaotou ←→ Afagn Palace ←→ Heping Village ←→X iweiqiang ←→ Jiyang
Length: 44.89 km (27.9 miles)
Number of Stations: 30
Transfer Stations: Yannan Rd., Exhibition Center, Jixiang Village, Ladong South Rd., Xiyaotou, Sanqiao 

 Line 6 (under planning): Textile City ←→ Fangyi Rd. ←→ Fangsi Rd. ←→ Fangnan Rd. ←→ Tianjiawan ←→ Weishi Street ←→ Xianning Middle Rd. ←→ Xingqing Palace ←→ Xingqing Rd. ←→ Changlemen ←→ Dachaishi ←→ Bell Tower ←→ Qiaozikou ←→ Andingmen ←→ Xishaomen ←→ Fengqing Rd. ←→ Laodong South Rd. ←→ Keji Rd. ←→ Keji 2nd Rd. ←→ Mutasi ←→ Xiwan Rd. Crossing ←→ University Town North ←→ University Town South ←→ Maopo ←→ Dengdian Xincun ←→ Chang'an Sci-tech Industrial Park
Length: 41.08 km (25.5 miles)
Number of Stations: 26
Transfer Stations: Textile City, Xianning Middle Rd., Dachaishi, Bell Tower, Laodong South Rd., Keji 2nd Rd., Dengdian Xincun 

 Tickets of Xian Subway: 
 Ticket Fare: CNY2 for 1~6 stops; CNY3 for 7~10 stops; CNY4 for 11~16 stops, and CNY5 for 17 or more stops. With Xian Chang'an Tong Transportation Card, passengers can enjoy 10% discounts. Students Chang'an Tong Card holders can enjoy 50% discount. Children lower than 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) are exempt from tickets to take the subway. 

 Ticket Types: Single Ticket, Chang'an Tong Transportation Card (Ordinary Card, Students' Card, Senior's Card), Multi-ride Ticket and Memorial Ticket 

 Ways of Ticket Purchase: There are two ways of purchasing a Xian subway ticket: one is through the automatic ticket vendors on which there are distinctive step-by-step introductions both in Chinese and English; the other is from the ticket windows at the subway stations. 

 Fare Adjustment: If the actual fare exceeds the ticket bought, passengers may take the subway to their destination first, where the automatic turnstile will send out information to reminder passengers to make up the excess fare. Passengers also have to pay for overtime fare of a single-way if the duration exceeds 120 minutes from entering the automatic turnstile to exiting the automatic turnstile. If passengers enter and exit from the same station, the single-way ticket will be withdrawn, or the minimum fare of the subway line will be deducted from the Transportation Card. 

 Principles of Ticket Use: A single ticket is only valid on the same day when buying it and at the very station where purchasing it. Once sold, it will not be refundable. For passengers with Xian Chang'an Tong Transportation Card, the rule is one person one card. 

 Luggage Fare: Passengers are only allowed to take less than 30 kg (66 pounds) luggage. The sum of each piece of luggage's length, width and height should not exceed 1.8 meters (6 feet), and the volume must not be over 0.15 square meters (5.3 square feet). Otherwise, an extra fare of CNY2 will be required. 

 Methods of Taking Xian Subway?
With a valid single ticket, Transportation Card or Multi-ride Ticket, passengers can enter and exit the stations by swiping the ticket in the inductive zone of the automatic turnstile. Then, the gate of the automatic turnstile will open for passengers to pass through after sending out a confirmation sound. Please be noted that passengers should cross the automatic turnstile quickly once the gate opens, or the gate may close automatically and passengers will have to ask for help from the ticket center. When exiting the station, the single ticket will be withdrawn by the automatic turnstile for re-use, while the transportation card and Multi-ride Ticket can still be kept.

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