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Green Dragon Temple

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  • Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
    Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
  • Xian Green Dragon Temple
    Xian Green Dragon Temple
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The Green Dragon Temple is located at Leyouyuan, about three kilometers (1.9 miels) away from downtown Xian. It was originally built in 528 and named as Linggan Temple at the time of construction. It was renamed as Green Dragon Temple in 711. 

The temple was one of the most renowned Buddhist temples during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 709). Tang Dynasty witnessed the unprecedented development of Buddhism, which led to the emergence of a lot of temples. Buddhism not only spread widely throughout the whole country, but laid great impact on the foreign countries especially on religious boom in Japan. From the early 9th century to the middle time, a great number of Japanese monks flood to Chang'an in hopes of learning Buddhism, in which eight monks were the most famous, six out of them once studied Buddhism in Green Dragon Temple. Kukai was the one who was very diligent in learning Chinese Buddhism and Sinology in the temple. After years of hard-working, he accumulated rich knowledge and finally made great achievements in Buddhist principles, poems, Sanskrit together with Chinese calligraphy. He returned to his motherland with lots of Buddhist classics and some other books in the year of 806 and later founded Zhenyan Sect (the True Word Sect). Because of this, Green Dragon Temple became the holy temple in Japanese mind. 

Like the other ancient Chinese temples, the temple was not lucky enough to get away from being destroyed. The destruction happened in 1086.

The archaeological research of Green Dragon Temple started in 1963. The Kukai Monument was set up in memory of the great monk Kukai in the Green Dragon ruin in 1981. The temple is not very big, but the overall layout looks uncrowded and elegant. It is full of life when the pine, Bamboo, willow, China rose and plum trees begin to sprout in spring. 

Green Dragon Temple is highlighted with cherry blossom, which dated from 1986 when thousands of cherry trees were brought from Japan and planted here. Every March to May, the cherry blossoms are blooming when the garden becomes extraordinarily beautiful and filled with scent of spring. When the cherry are in full bloom, you will be shocked by the unmatched prettiness. When they are out of bloom, it might as well bring you a feeling of sad beauty. Generally cherry blossoms are short-lived with florescence of 7 days only. However, as the breeds vary, the cherry viewing period can last about 1 month. 

Though covering the limited area, the temple is the most distinguished place for cherry blossom viewing in Xian. It is quite enjoyable to date with friends to view the cherry at weekends.

 Entrance Fee: Free

 Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00

 Bus Routes: Take Bus No. 19, 25, 41, 45, 48, 118, 221, 237, 242, 400, 521, 525, 526, 606, 607, Tourist Bus No. 6 and get off at Green Dragon Temple stop.

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  • There is only one boudist temple in North west of Iran with two dragon rock relief. That related to 12 century. (Mongol period) Could you please let me know is there any other temple in India, Philippine or china with dragon rock design. And I do not know Dragon is characteristic of China boudist temple?
    Thank you

    Asked By abolfazl (Iran (Islamic Republic Of)) | Aug. 23, 2011 14:15
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