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China X Visa (Study/Student Visa)

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 Required Documents

1. Your valid and actual passport with blank visa pages and at least 6-month period of validity (counting from the day you submit the application);

2. Fill in the application form, attached with 2-inch passport photo (black & white or colored are all accepted);

3. The Entrance Notice of Schools in China and Foreign Student Visa Application Form (both original and copy ones);

4. If you intend to study in China for over one year, the Physical Eaxamination Certificate for Foreign Citizen is highly required.

Note: Please fill in the application form faithfully, completely and clearly, or possibly your application will be refused and accordingly make your oversea trip protracted.

 Transact Way

The applicant can handle the visa personally, or entrust other people, travel agency and visa handling agency to transact the visa he wants according to different consular jurisdiction of the embassies or consulate-general.

1. Make an appointment ahead of time is NOT needed. 

2. Application by mail is not accepted, but the postal service back to you is provided.

3. The normal processing time for handle the visa generally is 4 working days. If you need urgent service, 30 US dollars will be added as the additional fee for 1 working day processing while 20 US dollars for 2 to 3 working days processing.

 Visa Expense, Validity and Duration of Stay

1. VISA, MasterCard, Money Order, Cashier's check, Company's Check and Cash are all accepted (based on the written stipulation), but you are suggested to pay for the visa expense by cash due to the actual experience. 

2. The charging standard of visa expense are different according to your nationality and the number of the entry. Generally speaking, the fee is higher if the number of entry is more, hereunder is the visa fee for applying in the Chinese Embassy in the USA.

Entry Times
For US Citizens
For Citizens of
other Countries
Single Entry
140 US dollars
30 US dollars
Double Entry
140 US dollars
45 US dollars
Multiple Entry for 6 Months
140 US dollars
60 US dollars
Multiple Entry for 12 Months
140 US dollars
90 US dollars
Multiple Entry for 24 Months
140 US dollars

3. The period of validity of X visa is 3 months available for single entry; the US citizens may apply for multiple-entry X visa valid for one year by the application fee of 150 US dollars; the X visa holder should enter China within the period of validity and in the following 30 days transact the residential procedure at the local public security bureau.

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