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China D Visa (Residence Visa)

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 Required Documents

1. Certificate of your residence approval. The applicant may entrust his relatives in China to transact the certificate for your residence approval with the local authorizes (the administration for supervising the enter/leave the country);

2. Your valid and actual passport with blank pages and at least 6-month period of validity (counting from the day you submit the application);

3. Fill in the Application Form, attached with 2-inch passport photo (black & white or colored are all accepted).

4. A Physical Examination Certificate.

Note: Please fill in the application form faithfully, completely and clearly, or possibly your application will be refused and accordingly make your oversea trip protracted.

 Transact Way

The applicant can handle the visa personally, or entrust other people, and travel agency to transact the visa he wants according to different consular jurisdiction of the embassies or consulate-general. 

1. Make an appointment ahead of time is NOT needed. 

2. Application by mail is not accepted, but the postal service back to you is provided.

3. The normal processing time is 4 working days. If you need urgent service, 30 US dollars will be added as the additional fee for 1 working day processing while 20 US dollars for 2 to 3 working days processing.

 Expense, Validity and Duration of Stay

1. Credit card, Money Order, Cashier's check, Company's Check and Cash are all accepted (based on the written stipulation), but you are suggested to pay by cash due to the actual experience. 

2. Fee: the fee is different according to your nationality and the  number of entries. Generally speaking, the fee is higher if the number of entry is more. For US citizens, 140 US dollars per person while 30 US dollars for citizens of other countries if you apply in the Chinese Embassy in the USA.

3. The period of validity is 6 months for only once. The holder should enter China within six months and transact the correlated residential procedure at local public security bureau in the following 30 days after you enter China.

Selected Questions and Answers 

 Asked by Jimenez
Is a residence permit a kind of visa?
Hi I am recently working in China for 1 year and 4 months. My employer got a residence permit for me. What kind of document that I have? Is it a kind of visa also? If not so what is it? It will be expire in three months, is it possible to renew again? How much is the payment for 1 year visa in RMB? Need advice. Thanks 
 Answered by Anna
Residence permit is different from a visa, and you need to renew it. The payment is about CNY 400.

 Asked by Sam
What do I need to do if I like to obtain D visa?
I am US citizen and like to obtain D visa when retire and like to live in china what do I need to do? I been to china many times in Past
 Answered by Lyla
Hi Sam,
China is not an immigrant country (like the USA, Canada, and Australia) and does not seek foreign permanent residents. Unless you have made massive investments which have generated substantial profit to China and you have good connections with the establishment, or you have to have lived in China for 5 years, and it seems you are unlikely to succeed.

Questions & Answers on China D Visa (Residence Visa)
  • I want to know if it is possible to get a Visa that will allow me to stay with my Chinese National Wife in China for 6 months or more. We were married just this year in the US. Is this possible or will I have to get multiple 60 day visas and come and go over and over. If that is the case, how long will I have to go home for, before returning.

    Asked By Bob R (USA) | Jul. 09, 2018 20:53
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
  • Hi all, could I get information on the 9 month stay for five consecutive years requirement?
    I arrived in China in 2013 under a Chinese Government Scholarship program, my scholarship ends in July 2019 and I would like to apply for a permanent residency
    Do the 9 months have to be consecutive in each of the 5 years?
    Thanks in advance!

    Asked By Joey (Costa Rica) | Jul. 09, 2018 09:28
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
  • I've lived and worked in China for over ten years. I've had numerous Z visas and work permits/temporary residence permits. In that time I would travel back to the USA two or three times each year. My wife is Chinese, we've been married 7 years. We bought a flat in Dalian in 2015. We each have our own ownership certificate (book) listing each as co-owners. Now that my job is ending I'm wondering what kind of visa I need, to continue living in my home in Dalian with my wife as well as traveling back and forth between China and the US. I would apply for a China Permanent Residence permit but I haven't satisfied the 9 month stay for five consecutive years requirement.

    Asked By Thomas Fisher (Dalian, China) | Sep. 11, 2017 05:51
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
  • Hi, Well i have been living in China since 2009 as a student first, then got a job here and staying on a work visa, i keep renewing my resident permit annually. been married to local Chinese woman for about two years now. and bought a house and putting down my roots. We plan to set our family life here... so id like to commit to being in china till i go old and maybe to my end. Do you think i can apply for D visa? instead of the S or Q type?

    Asked By Anoop | Mar. 16, 2017 22:32
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
  • I am Italian, 64 years old living in China from 2007. I have 2 childrens 6 and 3 year old with chinese woman but i am not married because my ex italian wife don't want to sign divorce but i am legal separed from she.
    I am partner in a company in China and i am General Manager in this company .

    Asked By Valsoni Patrizio (China) | Apr. 13, 2016 00:14
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
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