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  • Art

    Chinese Opera, Chinese ArtArt is defined as the result that human beings express their emotions through certain way or tools. As mentions Chinese arts, the image of Chinese calligraphy works, painting, a piece of folk music and the elegant opera make-up will come to most people's minds. 

  • History of China

    Chinese HistoryChina has a history of over 5,000 years from the legendary period of Yellow Emperor, Yao and Shun to current day. During the past 2,000 years, the period from the primitive society to feudal society, Chinese history provide a profound background for its culture.

  • Food

    Chinese CuisineSpeaking of Chinese cuisine, most people may think of Kung Pao Chicken, dumplings or roast ducks. That is only a tip of the iceberg. Here we introduce the Chinese food culture, including the famous eight cuisines, features, the important tool chopsticks, plus tea and alcohol.

  • Religions

    Religion in ChinaMany religions coexist in China, including the far-reaching native Taoism and Confucianism, the Buddhism, Christianity and Islam which were introduced from other countries, and other religions that are believed by some minority groups not so widely known by people.

  • Crafts

    Chinese craftworksSince ancient times, the Chinese people have created many remarkable and delicate craft and handicrafts, such as the pottery wares of the prehistory period, the bronze vessels of the Zhou Dynasty, and the porcelain wares of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

  • Ethnic Groups

    Chinese Ethnic Groups, ChinaChina has 56 ethnic groups with Han is the largest and 55 minority groups. Each group lives in different areas of the country and has distinctive features which include different languages, scripts, religions, clothes, diet, festivals, habits, lifestyles and ideology.

  • Festivals

    Chinese FestivalsChinese people celebrate many traditional festivals including the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat and Mid-Autumn festivals. Many minority groups also have their own festivals, such as the Tibetan New Year and Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai people.

  • Chinese Zodiac

    Chinese ZodiacThe Chinese people are more likely to talk about their animal or zodiac sign when most people are discussing their signs of constellation. Here we introduce the stories of the twelve animals and their characteristics, as well as the people’s features of the same animal.

  • Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, ChinaTraditional Chinese medicine refers to the medicine of the Chinese Han people, which has it unique theories, diagnostic methods and therapeutic approaches. Many minority groups in China have their own medicine, such as Tibetan, Miao and Mongolian Medicine.

  • Education

    Beijing University: Chinese EducationChinese education system comprises of four components: basic education, occupational education, common higher and adult education. Here gives an insight into the present education system of China and information on universities enrolling foreign students

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