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The snake takes the sixth position behind the dragon and before the horse in the Chinese Zodiac. Compared with the dragon, it is an animal that can be found in reality. Or, it is the basic image of the dragon, which is created through adding some parts to the snake. Thus, it is often called "the little dragon" in the Chinese Zodiac and its cast skin is called "the dress of the dragon". 

Of course, the snake is also a scary animal to many people and the fear is often created through repeated descriptions of its unpleasant appearance, unpredictable movements, and some instances of the threats towards people's life. According to some observations, not all snakes are dangerous. Many kinds are living peacefully in nature. They never attack human beings. Those that may hurt people won't be the first to launch attacks. Some can even become friends to people, taking care of the safety of the household, or acting as a toy to babies. In many places in China, it is regarded as such a sacred being as to deserve our protection. Some people even worship the snake. They believe that it is a guardian of the house and it is lucky to have s snake with us under the same roof. Where there is a snake, there is safety. Regardless of its scary image, the snake can be a symbol of wisdom, kindness and loyalty, the good qualities processed by the Chinese legendary figure White Snake. 

There is a legend about the snake that shows the effort of the snake to change from a rebarbative animal to a zodiac animal. The story has it that the snake which originally had four legs used to be a diabolic animal that is unpopular among animals. In order to punish it, the Jade Emperor got it back to the heaven and cut the four legs and meant to put it to death. Out of mercy, other animals pleaded to the Jade Emperor to spare its life. Since then, the snake was repentant and tried hard to behave itself and be nice. When the time for the selection of the 12 zodiac animals came, it succeeded in the selection. The snake not only won back its position, but also the respect from the people. So the year of snake represents flexibility, endurance and wisdom. 

Those born in the year of the snake are usually considered clever, passionate, determined, romantic, intense, and rich in wisdom and charm. They intend to believe in their intuition. They may choose to be teachers, philosophers, writers, or psychiatrists. It's better for them to marry a Rooster or an Ox, but not a Pig.

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