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The dog takes the eleventh place before the pig and after the rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. The reason why it is chosen to be one of the 12 animals lies heavily in its loyalty to the human beings. If we read the early part of the human history, we will not miss the contribution of the dog who accompanied the primitive people in their lives, especially in hunting. 

Being the most favored animal, the dog shows great loyalty to us human beings. It can not only accompany us, it can bring happiness to us, and above all, it can guarantee our safety wherever it is present. When we are out, the dog guards the house faithfully; when we are at home, the dog guards our family. If there are any intrusions, the dog will bark to give signals to warn us of any oncoming dangers. If we take it along with us, we will be protected against any offensives. What a friend indeed! 

Then, there remains a question regarding to the position of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac: Why is the dog ranked the last but one among the 12 animals? 

The legend has it that the dog and his neighbor, the pig, decided to go together for the great race the next morning. The dog rose early and knocked at the door of the pig’s house. He knocked and knocked, but nobody came to open the door. What the dog heard was nothing else but the snoring of the pig. Fearing that he would be late, the dog had to leave and went on his own way. 

It was some time already before the pig woke up to realize how late he was. In a hurry, the pig ran out of its house without wearing any clothes. He kept running with all his might without a stop. Finally he caught up with the dog. With the belief that the dog did not come to wake him up in order to get ahead, the pig was so out of rage that his eyes, his mouth, his ears and his head swelled up when he was standing face to face with the dog. The pig stopped the dog and started a big fight. They fought and fought when other animals passed along, leaving both of them behind. When they realized the situation, it was too late for them to get to the front of the line. Thus they got the last two positions. 

Though those born in the year of the dog are thought to be stubborn sometimes and are also cynical with a sharp tongue, they are still loved for its loyalty, faithfulness, and honesty.
They are smart, dedicated and brave, and are born to be successful. Dogs intend to be excellent businessmen, activists, teachers, or secret agents. Tigers and Horses are deemed as their best matches.

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