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The rabbit takes the fourth place before the dragon and after the tiger in the Chinese Zodiac though it is one of the most delicate among the 12 animals. It must be very hard for the rabbit to get this position and there must be a story behind it. Though we don’t know what happened exactly when the list of ranking was created, there are legends to offer some amusing explanations. 

The legend is about the race between the rabbit and the ox during the Great race. It goes like this: long time ago, the rabbit and the ox were good neighbors. Both of them were very gentle and polite. Both of them were rarely angry, hostile or aggressive and both of them were hard workers. Above all, both of them were selected to be the zodiac animals. One day, they heard of the Great Race to work out the places for each of the 12 animals. Of course, they were excited and they had the ambition to get the first place. The rabbit kept practicing running skills and his speed was greatly improved within a few days. In order not to repeat the sad story of the race between the rabbit and the turtle, the rabbit cut off his tail as a reminder. The ox, with a heavy body, was no match for the rabbit. He knew this, so he went to the rabbit and asked him to teach some skills. The rabbit did teach the ox some, but not all. Still, the ox was happy and went home and kept practicing and practicing until he was able to run a long distance at one speed steadily. Now they were ready for the Great Race. 

Early in the morning, they went together. On the way, the rabbit proposed a race with the ox, which would help both of them to beat other animals. The ox agreed. They invited the pig to be the judge and started the race. The rabbit demonstrated his running ability to such a degree that he disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. However, at this point, he was too conceited to remember his loss to the turtle. When he was half way, he again stopped to take a break, thinking the ox was left far behind and was not able to catch up. What is worse to come, he felt sleepy and went to a sleep. At this moment, the ox, underestimated by the rabbit, ran steadily at a pretty high speed. He caught up with the rabbit and passed it over. The ox went to touch the finishing line only found the rat in front of him, who played a trick and hid himself in the ear of the ox and jumped to touch the line ahead of the ox. A few minutes later, the rabbit was woken up by the heavy breathing of the tiger, who also overtook him. The rabbit tried to catch up but in vain and he got the fourth place. It’s still a good result for the rabbit since he was such a small and weak creature! 

Those born under this sign are said to be quick, talented, tactful, amiable, elegant, kind, but ambitious and conceited. They have a tendency to know how to make the best of themselves. They are often successful in business because of their sociable nature. They will be successful if they are lawyers, diplomats, or actors. Their best life partners are Sheep or Pigs instead of Roosters.

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