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The pig appears at the end of the name list of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac though it is often regarded as No. 1 of the six animals of the livestock in China. As one of the earliest domesticated animals together with the dog, the horse, and the ox, etc., the pig occupies a very important position in the family life of the Chinese people. Hence, the Chinese character “家" meaning “home” is composed of two parts: the upper part is shaped like the roof of a house while the lower part is “豕" meaning “pig”. This character has remained with little change through the history since the Bronze Age of China, when people took it for granted that a pig was indispensable for a home and the number of pigs was the indication of the wealth of a family. This must be the reason why the pig was chosen to occupy a position in the Chinese Zodiac.

Then, what happened to the pig in the Great Race? Why is it enlisted the last? We have given some reason in the story of the dog. There are some other reasons. As we all know that the pig is a worry free animal, it eats when hungry and sleeps when sleepy. Besides, the pig is contented and happy with the fact that he has become an animal of the year already. He is realistic. He knows his own strength and he doesn’t want to enter the competition for positions. So in the Great Race, he not only overslept for the Great Race, but also gave way to others while enjoying his own sightseeing along the way. This is in alignment with the philosophy of the pig towards life. We can’t complain it so long as the pig enjoys his life.

In terms of the significance of the symbol of the pig, people in China still believe that the sign of the pig represents the content, the peace, the simplicity, and most of all, the happiness of all animals, though not many people would count the number of pigs to decide the wealth of a family now. It is still common practice that babies born with big ears are said to be lucky kids, whose life is stuffed with good luck and fortune.

Those born in the years of the pig possess the character traits as honest, simple, reliable, sincere, tolerant, shy, affectionate, kind, but impulsive and short tempered. They are also the happiest. They have unquenchable thirst for knowledge and they will also be successful in financial affairs, or work successfully as an entertainer, or possibly a lawyer.

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